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    Straight Male / 27

    As a 16 year old boy I got my first taste of playing the female dog to a german shepherd male, and yeah he liked that, and I ended up with his huge knot holding us in the ass to ass position for at least 20 minutes. Not going to say it was wonderful, cause for half of that time it hurt a lot, but the last half felt a lot better, and even though I said I wasn't going to again, a week later he had me in that same position.

    I got bred to him as well as several other larger males, then one night just after turning 18 I got it again from another big male, but never knew which one did it. I was walking back home from a friends house about 9 pm down the alley behind our house. It was trying to storm, and almost behind our house I was met by 4 dogs, one female gsd that was in heat, one big gsd male, and two other males that were at least as big as him, but more shaggy and box headed.

    The female was almost ready, and the male gsd was working on getting her, nobody ever uses that alley except during the day, and that's mostly the meter reader. I felt safe enough so I took off my boots, jeans and shorts, fingered the female and put her scent between my legs and got down on all fours. Instantly there were two noses and tongues on my ass, some growling and a few snaps, then suddenly there was a flash and a bang behind us, and instantly it was pitch dark.

    Before I could even think power outage I was mounted, he made a few stabs at my hole, hitting above and below, one of which hurt. Then he hit the right spot, hunched, I was penetrated, then he went right into flat banging my ass. He was powerful in the way he held me back to him and was putting the dick to me hard and fast. I never did feel his knot swelling, which suprised me, cause I knew he must have a big knot and I didn't want him to hang me. But he had different ideas, and all of a sudden I found out he had done just that.

    He didn't instantly get off, he stayed on, holding me tightly back to him and pushing into me, like he was making sure he actually had me hung. I knew he had me, cause it was uncomfortable, then he got off and we were standing ass to ass and I was feeling his throbbing dick as it squirted his spunk into me. I was thinking and hoping the lights didn't come back on too quick, then it dwaned on me, here I was hung hard and fast to a big male dog in the middle of the alley, and didn't even know which one it was.

    About that time I heard what sounded like humping, then a rucus, and figured one of the others had hung the female. The one that had me kept me for almost 25 minutes, and I could hear people in the back yard across the alley talking about the power company working on the problem. A few minutes later the one that had the female let her go, and them and the others headed up the alley, I was still hung and still getting bred. But then I felt his knot going down, he pulled out and headed after the others.

    It was still darker than hell and I was crawling around feeling for my clothes, then the clouds broke a little and I found them, got dressed and headed to where the crew was fixing the outage, a squirl and shorted things out. Later on thinking about it, I couldn't help but wonder which of those big stud dogs had got the privlage to treat me like a bitch.

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    Ive always had help when being fucked by a dog never had one that could do it on his own I like having a womaan watch as a dogmounted me
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    Sounds like 2 lucky bitches got bred there in that dark alley.
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    I don't think it would matter during the mating, or afterwards which one of the males did the job, if the end result produced the effect that was wanted by the bitch, and I didn't read about any complaints.
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    You said he didn't get off as soon as he hung you, I've seen males get off as soon as their knot was set, but have watched a few mate a larger bitch and stay on for a few minutes. It always seemed like they were just making sure she was staying for the full thing, perhaps the one that nailed you was doing the same thing.
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    I read your story a second time and noticed you said you didn't want him to hang you, so I assume you just wanted to tease him. But then you found out what happens when you do that, you ended up hung and bred like a bitch, good for him.
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    My mom's standard poodle fucked me the first time when I was twelve. It was really weird how it happened, I'm so glad that nobody's found out because I was pretty young and stupid.

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