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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    -Always wanted older race play-
    Being black and bi sexual my whole life, there is still an itch that has never been scratched. It's my darkest kink and my most perverted fantasy and I've only came close to having it satisfied.
    My early boyhood gay experiences where with white boys my age. I don't know why, but that's just how it happened. They were nothing special, just touching and a little tasting but by the time I was in my late teens I had two ongoing was cum and the other was white guys older then me.
    With today's political and racial climate I'm walking a tight rope in my mind because although I despise racism I crave sexual domination by a white man. And I'm not talking just getting fucked or sucking a dick, I really want racially humiliation. The thought of a big cocked older guy, throat fucking me while panting, " Suck that cock, you fucking n****r" , really turns me on. Even writing this has me so GD hard!
    I really want the most humiliating race-play imaginable. Why? Why do I want a white man to literally spit in my face right before he cums in my mouth and orders me to swallow? It's mind blowing to me and I doubt I will ever find a guy willing to but being racially degraded with sex involved really drives me crazy. I pre-cum in my boxers with the thought of being fucked in my ass while being called a worthless black POS. I fantasize about relaxing my asshole so I can be pounded harder. I need to jack off, but if any can tell me why I enjoy this fantasy so much, please do.

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    Yo bro, Im a white guy (saying this no one should ever be blaimed or put down for where or how they were born!)... Im not gay but as your on the topic, I have a fantasy to go with a black woman, why? because they have great lips and are SO fucking sexy!

    Anywayz, I have had a few experiences with guys too but just basic stuff no actually fuckin sex and I liked the moments.

    Your wish/story put a picture in my mind within a second, being me doing exactly as you wish. Although a little difference I would go for would be not to fuck your face but wank off while the end of it is in your mouth.

    At the same time some dirty talk such as.... you dont mind if i wank silly in your mouth do you or im going to shoot down your thoat so stay still and take it all, good boy and come on suck suck harder! suck it completly dry for me.

    Chances are as this is virtual world your thousands of miles away from me. If not, well leave a message or email so i can contact you.
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    Hot! Iâm a young black guy. Good looking, Gym ripped, got s beautiful fiancé and a kid and in general I love women...
    However, I love occasionally having a white man use my ass or mouth for his pleasure.
    I love it when they tell me to take their white ducks up my tight black ass
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    As a middle aged white man, I have had similar desires and fantasies for the longest, both ways. There are times I think doing the sexual humiliation would be so hot. Then there are other times I think being sexually humiliated would be really hot.

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