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    Lesbian Female / 28

    I made friends with J at work. We worked in the same department, we were about the same age and she was easy to meet. We became lunch friends and one Saturday she invited me to go with her on a girls spa day. We spent a nice day, we had a nice lunch. In the car she asked if I knew that B liked me. I was shocked, B worked in Finance, she was quiet and had a reputation for being very focused at work. J asked me if I liked B. I said no, why would I like B? And how did she know that B liked me?

    J said that B had told her, that B had asked her to find out if I liked B, that B wanted to go out with me. I told J that I didn't date women. J told me that I should really consider it, B really liked me, and B was a real woman when it came to being in bed. I looked at J and I asked her how she knew that B was good in bed. J's answer was straight to the point, she said that B fucked her and B wanted to fuck me. That she wanted me.

    I asked J if she was gay. She asked if I really needed to ask that. Hadn't she shown me that she was gay? How much more obvious did she need to be? And J asked me "you are gay, right?". I said no, I wasn't. She answered by telling me that I did not like guys, not one single guy, that I had never mentioned a guy, she asked me if I had ever been with a guy? She sat there, in the parking lot with me, and she said "kiss me". "Kiss me, and when you do think about how good it would be to be naked together, on a big soft bed, all naked and sweaty".

    She leaned over and kissed me. She also put her hand on my breast. She went on and on about how she liked to be naked and to just rub together, how she liked having her mouth kissed, how she liked a tongue lashing, where it felt so good. I never even noticed that we went to her place. It was small, a one bedroom, she stood in the middle of the living area and took off all her clothes, she stood completely naked in front of me and told me that we were going to find out if I liked guys.

    She went and laid on her back on the bed, she lay in an X, she said that I could start by kissing her lips, then move up and kiss her breasts, and then get on her and hold her face and kiss her. That is what B does, and that is what she wanted me to do.

    She had to take my clothes off and things didn't work out too well, she did most of it, she made me confess that being kissed was good, and that I liked her playing with my breasts, that having her kiss me down there was very weird, and my kiss to her down there drove a sharp sting through me. We ate dinner, watched a movie and I spent the night with her.

    She told B that I needed work, but that it was OK with me. B is a very serious woman, actually she is younger than me but seems a lot older. She is deliberate, she takes your clothes off in order, shoes and then pants and then top, and then bra, and then your underwear. She lays you out, just like J said, in an X and she spends quite a bit of time down there, moving up on you and then embracing you with these long kisses.

    Did we date? I don't know, we spent a lot of time together, she and J and I. She and J are close in a different way, lots of touching when they are alone indoors, hands where they shouldn't be, kisses on the neck and mouth, torn clothes, and J goes for the gold, J gives her tongue lashings where it feels so good, and J gives her hand massage, using the palm of her hand to send you over the moon. I know, J has sent me to the moon and back.

    But with B it is different, it is like B is the father and I am the mother and J is a rebellious teen. B asked me to be her sister. I live with J now, we found a small bungalow two bedroom house. B spends most of her free time with us and when she spends the night we are sisters. It is over a year now that J and I moved in together, and when the three of us wake up after a Friday night séance, it is still a strange feeling to find myself three in a bed.

    J and her X, and being sisters with B, I no longer ask myself if I am going to meet the right guy.

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