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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 27

    Sometimes the boss does know but he is a REAL boss.

    I was a dimwit, really disturbed coming from a dysfunctional family and lucky to have made it through High School. I went to work for a fairly large company that offers an apprentice job first mostly running errands for people. Soon enough, a good looking young man grabbed my crotch in the office and I found myself being fucked bent over a desk. He spread the word and within months I found myself as the "office punchboard." I had been fucked all over the three story office by almost two dozen men.

    One day, I received a note to call Mr. Jon Mack at the president's office. I did and his assistant made an appointment for me to come in and "chat" - I expected the worst of all choices but did not want to lose my job even though I did not enjoy fucking everyone who demanded it, so I kept the appointment I had made.

    The president was a youthful looking man in his early 60's who was known as a "fashion plate" and drove Porsche. He sat me down and said, "I know everything that happens in my company and know all about you." My face was beet red but I sat there, quivering a bit.
    "You are not the first nor probably the last girl in your position. What do you want to do with your life?" I had no way of answering him. I just had no idea. Mr. Mack sent me to personnel where I met Ms Goldberg, an elderly, sweet woman who was head of personnel.

    In the weeks that followed all booty calls were responded to by, "Mr. Mack asked me to stop fucking in the office." It was decided that I go back to school and study to become a registered nurse. The company was going to pay for my first year as I settled into some situation, all guided by Ms. Goldberg. I had never thought of that but found it highly appealing. That was all some years ago. This is about what happened to me and how some minor efforts by caring people who did not have greed in mind, helped change the direction of my life.

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    Hey no. 1: BAD SPELLER
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    Bullshit story. Not real. Same old things zombie, the boss, the big exec, the office HOW FUCKING BORRRRING!!!!! GET A FUCKIN LIFE!

    mother fucker
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    #3 Check your pants. You'll probably find a first class family of
    crabs feeding on you. Obviously you have not taken your own advice yet
    and "gotten a life."
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