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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    My husband used to meet my sexual needs. That was before his choice to over indulge in drink and food, putting on nearly a hundred pounds in weight.
    I on the other hand, have become fitter and my libido had grown because of my fitness. Attending a gym at least five times week.
    It was at the gym two years ago this week, I first allowed myself to be seduced by a much younger man. He basically called me stunning looking cougar, and asked me if I fancied taking his eight inch cock in all my holes.
    In my car fifteen minutes drive from the gym, I did exactly that by sucking on his beautiful cock, then letting him fuck my pussy and ass. It had been my first sex for over six months, and even that was a total let down. As my husband came before I'd sank down onto his cock more than five times.
    From that first sexual encounter in my car, I went cock crazy and soon had three different young men giving me what I needed, and wanted. Two from the gym and one young man who I still have sex with, who works in the distribution side of our company.
    Once I would never use the words I've put down here, but since I've liberated my sexual world, I've realized I love being fucked, much more than being made love to. My mouth, pussy and asshole have become my way to reach a new and exciting chapter in my life. And I'm going to continue, just as long as my obese husband carries on piling on the weight.

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    aww yeah baby, that's the way to do it. let those young studs fuck you in every hole and cum here and tell us about it!
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    I am an older married woman and I did much the same I loved fucking still do. It was fun getting fucked by different men and cocks. I still feel that a husband or wife deserves to be fucked or taken care of at least once a week. They do have feelings and sexual needs also. I am older now and I no longer fuck around but i sure would like to but i am not a nice young slim woman anymore so I play here on the internet, watch porn read sex stories.. Enjoy but try to take care of hubby it will not hurt you to fuck him once in awhile.

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