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    Straight Female / 46

    I was fourteen. My school boyfriend, he was sixteen, came to see me. My Dad was a war veteran, he served with the 7th Army in Europe. He was a tank commander with an attitude when it came to me. I was scared of him, he would tell me that I couldn't get married until I was 29. My boyfriend was so scared to meet him.

    My mother took me aside and said second base, that feels good and your Dad will never know the difference. Second base, I had to drag him across the base. I showed him my tits. I grabbed and played with his boyhood. I pulled my pants back so he could see my girlhood. I didn't know where second base stopped, I figured it was anything except him poking me and getting me pregnant.

    He took me to a school dance, my Dad gave him the riot act. I took my panties off and gave them to him to put in his coat pocket. That night he got a full frontal view. I got to play with him again, this time getting him across the line.

    The day I walked down the isle I told my Dad I was not innocent but I was a virgin. So was my boyfriend, or I would have cut his balls off.

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    Opps, age is sixty four
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