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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 47

    When I was about 4 my uncle use to watch me for a while alone. We use to lay on a porch day bed so I could take a nap. He one day put his hand down my panties and rubbed real slow and gently my pussy. He asked if it felt nice and I said yes and he asked if I liked it and wanted him to stop. I actually did like it a lot. He showed me his cock (he called it his Johnny at the time) it was small and soft, he told me I could touch it and play with it if I wanted and when it got real big and hard I was so amazed how he said I made it that big. Well to a little girl it was awesome. He told me how to hold it and move my hand up and down and do that while I sucked the head and he would rub my pussy while i played with him. The first time we did this and the white stuff came out of his Johnny he wiped it off with his hankie. The next time we played he told me how I could keep my mouth on his Johnny and taste the white stuff but if it tasted bad I did not have to taste it. He asked if it was ok if he kissed my little pee pee and lick it .. omg to a little girl it felt so good and I liked it a lot. I never ever told because I loved playing our game ..I did let him make his Johnny wet and rub it around my pee pee but he never ever hurt me. He would just rub his Johnny till he came on my pee pee and then he would wash it off.

    To this day I think back about him and maybe that is why I loved sex so much at a young age. Damn I remember him teasing me when I was a teen about how sexy I looked and if I remembered our game. I kind of wish I would have let him really fuck me when I was 13. We moved away and I never had a chance but I will always remember our game and I did like it very much even though I was so young.. I am glad I did not tell anyone thinking today .. Guess you could say he taught me that it felt good.. <3 This is sincerely my true confession .. I loved it ...

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    There was never any touching. He was married to my grandmother's sister, he was my grand uncle by marriage. I was eight and I went to spend some time with my grandmother. He was there with my grand aunt. He and I were sitting in the den watching television. I was across from him and I caught him looking up my legs. I had on a summer dress and I opened my legs and he just stared, so I kept opening my legs and letting my dress ride up my thighs and letting him look at my panties. I was sitting across from him staring at his eyes and his eyes were staring at my crotch. I got wet, he was massaging his dick, I would open and close my legs and leave them open and let him look and play with himself. I knew about sex, my mother had the talk with me several times, she was paranoid I was going to have sex, I played with myself while he played with himself. I wasn't as obvious as him, he was really jerking himself, I was mostly touching my wet panties and rubbing my clit area. He turned red and made noises and came in his pants. When he was done I closed my legs and got up and went to the bathroom. I had to pee so bad. It was my first naughty moment, guys love to look up your skirt. Guys have told me they would rather see tight panties than a bald pussy, I would too, it is just like I would rather see a man jerking off in his pants than jerking off in the open.
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    I taught my 4 year old niece to play with my cock too, she loved licking it and sucking on it. I can remember the first time I cummed on her.
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    You and the other commentor are full of shit. None of that ever happened unless you are a Cho Moe. That means child m****ter or pedaphile. Wait until you go to prison some day you sick fucks. Youll be somebodys bitch and you wont like it. But you deserve it. When i was in prison, ive watched you cho moes get stabbed, butt r**ed with an ink pen, and worse. I was in for Gun crimes.

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