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    Lesbian Female / 28

    All was good with my life. I had a job I liked, I was making enough money to pay my rent and other bills. I had a nice enough place to my own, no more roommates. I was turning 25. I was in a world of my own.

    I worked for a large company. I interacted a lot with this woman who was the supports services manager. I took her reports and other information and she called me over to take reports back to my department. I saw her a couple of times a day. Whenever we saw each other she was always nice to me.

    I was in the restroom during my lunch break and she came in and asked me how I was doing. She asked me a lot of questions, talking to me while she was in the stall. When she came out she asked me to straighten out her skirt. She turned and started to work my hair with her hands. Her hand went down to my face and she touched my lips and told me that I was very beautiful, that she had always found me very beautiful, and she caressed my face again.

    She called me on Sunday several weeks later and asked if I was interested in going with her to this showing of an artist she was friends with. It was at a small restaurant, we could have an early dinner and make her friend feel better that people came. She came by to pick me up. She was dressed casual but very nice. She told me that she thought I looked particularly beautiful that day. I had a chance to look at her in the car while we talked. She was a beautiful woman herself, very classic looks, very well made up, I kept thinking how beautiful she must have been when she was younger.

    At the restaurant we walked around with a glass of wine looking at the paintings on the wall, I was not expecting them to be priced in the thousands. Some of them said SOLD and others HOLD. There were a good number of people there, I met the lady who painted. She said that Marlene had told her how beautiful I was, but words did not do me justice. She told Marlene that she was a very lucky lady. When we went to our table the waiter brought a bottle of wine for us, compliments of Marlene's friend.

    I was nervous, all around me were people I didn't know. Marlene kept trying to get me to talk about personal stuff. She was touching me, my hands, my legs, touching my face, until she grabbed on to my hand and said she wanted my attention.

    She repeated that she thought I was beautiful, but more importantly that I made her feel good, that when she saw me her day lit up, that being able to be with me convinced her even more that I was the one in a million. She asked me if she could take care of me. She wanted to take care of me. Some girls had daddies and some girls had mommies. That she had a nice place, I could live with her and she would take care of me. She had money, she had been married but they had divorced because she had other interests, she wanted a girl of her own. But her ex husband had taken care of her very well.

    Her friend the painter came over and interrupted, before she sat down she kissed me on the cheek and told me that I could not do better. That she and Marlene had known each other since forever and not to be repeated, but that they used to go out and dance the night away, and split the sheets, if I understood. That Marlene was still her best friend and if Marlene had been just a bit more of a girl, and not married that man, who knows? But leave that alone, now I was with Marlene, Marlene had told her everything about me, she knew that I would make Marlene happy, not to embarrass Marlene, but I was the only thing she talked about.

    After she left Marlene smiled and apologized, she admitted that they had been together for several years and there was still a lot of feelings between them, but that they weren't kids anymore and Marlene needed her own girlfriend and her friend needed her own girlfriend. So to get back to our conversation, would I let her take care of me?

    I tried to tell her that I didn't think I was that kind of girl. But she didn't listen to me, she just stood up leaned over me and kissed me on the lips, square on, and said out loud "Mommy loves you" and went to the restroom.

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