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    Straight Male / 20

    During a bad period for my mom and me, with my dad dying six months earlier, I did something which I'm not proud of.
    My mom was drinking a lot and often passing out. I was seventeen, full of anger and full of testosterone. Seeing my mom crashed out on the sofa drunk again, I saw she'd not put any panties on and her pussy was there for all the world to see. Feeling horny after a few minutes of staring at her beautiful looking sex, I decided to touch it.
    Sliding my hand over her pussy, she didn't move, so it gave me more courage to ease a finger along her pussy slit. Again she didn't move, which had me playing with her clit, then down to her pussy hole. Getting in closer to her, I could smell her sweet scent and decided to see what her pussy tasted like. Moving my hand out of the way, I dipped my head and began to lick her pussy. It tasted delightful and I was soon sliding my tongue right along her pussy to her clit, sucking it in a little and then back again to her fuck hole.
    I kept on doing this for some time and eventually she began to moan and move around. But not once did she wake up. I took out my cock whilst still licking her and decided if she didn't wake up when I inserted two fingers inside of her, I'd try to fuck my own mom.
    She didn't move too much and indeed spread her legs to give me easier access. Rising up, I got myself so my cock was touching her pussy opening and thrust in. She did initially come round a little, but not enough for me to stop, so I carried on fucking her, getting deeper with each thrust.
    By the time I was ready to cum, I was literally fucking her for real and she wasn't budging one bit. Humping away at her awesome pussy, I came inside my mom and shuddered as my orgasm passed through me.
    Withdrawing, I moved away and watched as my cum slowly leaked from her gaping pussy. Not once did she open her eyes, yet I felt as if she'd been awake all the time. Finally with the guilt of what I'd just done, I got some paper towel and gently wiped her clean. The guilt however didn't stop me doing similar things to my mom on the sofa again and again, and also on her bed each time she passed out from drink. In all I guess I fucked my mom over a dozen times, and came inside her each time.
    Nothing was ever said the following morning, and each time I made sure to clean her up afterwards. And that's how I thought it was to this day. I'd fucked my own mom and she hadn't a clue I'd done it.
    Well as I've recently found out, I was wrong. Not only did my mom know about me fucking her each and every time, she's not long told me, she orgasmed each and every time. Not as I fucked her, but afterwards playing with herself, making sure she used the remaining cum I didn't manage to clean up to frig her own clit.
    The conversation we had only three days ago came about because of a comment I made. I told her I didn't lose my cherry until I was eighteen. Her response was "Oh, I thought when you fucked me at seventeen you lost your virginity". To say I was embarrassed is an understatement.
    My mom went on to say, she'd not given me any encouragement at the time, but also said she didn't refuse me because of the trauma we were both going through. It to her, had been her way of making things easier for me after my father had died. It had also it appears made her want to get back into the real world, by giving up the alcohol.
    My mom text me this morning whilst I was at football practice. Telling me I shouldn't be embarrassed at all by what I'd done. And that she'd thoroughly enjoyed having sex with me, even if she didn't let on at the time. She also mentioned in her text, this "Any time you're feeling alone or in need of, you know, I'm here for you totally xxx".
    I know I shouldn't be thinking this way, but my mom is a hot looking woman and only nineteen years older than me. I know many men hit on her all the time, but she's staying single for a time. I also know if I asked, she'd have me in her bed tonight.

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    And only after third sentence, I knew what a bullshit story this would once again be.

    "I CAUGHT him TOSSING himself off whilst using my PANTIES to SNIFF. Challenging him I was about to yell to our parents, but then I saw just how BIG my little brother's cock was."

    Really? You had no other setup than that age old porn fantasy?

    After you have gained some real sex experiences under your belt, you will know how stupid your stories are.
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    Wow, that comment went to totally wrong story, sorry about that.
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    This is another made up story by the same writer on this site.
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    Most of these are clearly fantasy stories. Some are well done, others, old cliches.
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    If this is true, your mom is much much cooler than mine. I fucked my passed out mom probably 20 times in a 6 month period of time. I got braver each time I fucked her. Getting a little rougher and a little harder. She never once even moved a muscle, till I stuck it up her ass. I was cumming by the time I was half way in her ass. From complete heaven to complete mayhem in a matter of seconds. As soon as my head popped in her ass, my orgamsin started and so did her screaming. All I could do was hold her tight and keep pounding her ass till I stopped spurting inside her and pretend like i didn't hear her screaming. I was 20 when that happened, 37 now, and she hasn't talked to me since that day. I miss her and feel bad about ruining our relationship but if I'm being honest, the memory of r****g her ass still makes me cum almost every day.

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