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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Last summer, I started counting the number of people that I slept with over the course of my years.

    I counted 7 girls and 34 guys....yiiiikes !!!!


    The difference I guess is that I probably slept 300 times each with the 7 girls....and most of the 34 guys were hookups.

    I love cock and I love pussy...what can I say !

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    Me too, an equal number of guys and girls though.
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    I've done around 103 women and when 14 let some guy suck me off in a movie. He was an older guy who spotted me beating my monkey.
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    13 girls, 78 guys, and 2 dogs. I'm not into beastiality but the first time was a lost bet that led me to getting fucked by a dog at a party. The other dog was a friends and I let him mount me every now and then because my friend was into watching it. I always felt weird doing it though.
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    #2-When I was a kid a couple of the neighborhood boy's who were older would come over on Saturday mornings to work on models and fuck my prettyboy's preteen ass. After it happened a few times my mom's standard poodle started fucking me after the older boys left. I always felt kinda weird about it too.

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