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    Posted by Anonymous

    When we were kids my cousin came over to go trick or treating and spend the night with me. We ate a bunch of candy and we both went to bed in my double bed. She kept on rolling from side to side like she couldn't get comfortable. Then she let out a moan and was like "OOOOOh, my stomach". I asked what was wrong and she said she had eaten too much candy and had a tummyache. I had heard at school that toothpaste would help a tummyache so I took her in the bathroom and fed her some toothpaste. We got back in the bed but a few minutes later she started to cry. I was about to go and get my mom when suddenly she sat up in bed, grabbed her belly, leaned forward, and BLLLEEECH, puked all over my white eyelet comforter. It was soooo gross. I am not sure to this day if it was the candy or the toothpaste she ate that made her barf!

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    i think it must have been the candy if she already felt so bad

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