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    Straight Male / 25

    I was staying in the hospital for 4 days last week for some tests. So of course I tried to avoid masturbating but having a hard on when you wake up or randomly because your so horny doesnât mix with wearing a gown.

    I grabbed four tissues of the stand beside the bed, uncovered partly to be able to have access to pull my gown up. I already had a raging boner so I flipped the tv to the something to encourage me.

    My room door was shut so I was just sitting there in bed masturbating. Dang that felt so goood! Having my foreskin of my uncut cock slide up and down over my cock head.

    But then the door opens and itâs a nurse coming to check on a few things. She saw me masturbating and I just stopped but she saw me stroking away. She said oh sorry and excuse me and walked back out. 20 minutes later she came back in and I lost my hard on by then.

    I said Iâm so sorry you saw that and she said itâs fine. Iâve seen a lot of stuff as a nurse and what you were doing is only natural to do. She did end up saying a little tip, most guys go into the bathroom to do that here. More privacy that way and easier to hide if you do it on the toilet or in the shower.

    She left the room and returned with some baby wipes and said these are so you can clean up especially since your uncircumcised

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