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    Straight Female / 25

    I don't think this is sexy or anything like that, this is about two nineteen year old girls that got pregnant by the same man at the same time.

    He is the type of man that won't take no for an answer, especially when it comes to sex. He is charged up and your going to give him pussy. I was living alone in a condo he owned. He had rented it to me but stopped collecting the rent. He came over and got sex instead. I am going to be honest and say that I got off on having sex with him. He wasn't some ordinary guy, he was educated and had money and he knew how to treat a lady. And when he got started he didn't stop until he got what he wanted and he got it in you all over the apartment. He fucked me a lot in the living room and he liked to have the curtains open in case someone saw they knew he was getting a piece of ass.

    He paid the bills and I sucked his dick.

    He came to me and told me that this girl Veronica needed a place to stay. She worked as a cashier close to his office and she had to move. It would be for a month or maybe two until she found her own place. She could have the guest room. Two weekends into her staying with me and he decided he wanted to get some pussy off of her. She couldn't get away, he knew the apartment really well, and he ended up bringing her out to the living room and screwing her on the floor. She kept telling him she was going to get pregnant but that only made him want her more, and when he had her completely fucked he took her hard and released all his man stuff into her.

    When he got off of her he kissed her really long on the mouth and told her to lay still. He got a cushion off the sofa and put it under her hips and told her lay still and let his little men crawl up into her and finish he job. He told me to get down on the carpet and hold her head in my lap. He kissed me and he told me he wanted me just like her, all knocked up and to get off the pill.

    I don't know if the first time knocked her up, or maybe the second or third, but they were all in the next day or two. I had to hold her afterwards and keep her hips elevated so his little men could do their work. I got off the pill like he said and I was pregnant within a couple of months.

    Veronica never moved out. She moved in. She was excited to be pregnant. She had me measure her tummy every day to see how much she had grown. She would sit and lay her head on my belly and listen. She was more excited than I was at my pregnancy. Most if not all nights she came and got in bed with me so we could keep ourselves warm together and let our pregnant hormones work on each other. He came over almost every day and wanted to hear the latest, blow by blow, to have us stand side by side and see who was winning.

    Her baby came first by two months. That is when I started to get excited about my pregnancy. Holding her baby made me feel good. Holding her while she fed the baby felt good. During my last two months we almost didn't go out, except for going to the doctor. We stayed together, me getting to the finish line and she taking care of her infant.

    When my baby came she was all over me, helping me, taking care of me, putting her baby in my arms to nurse and stimulate my milk. Putting my baby against her breast. Her nipples looked so large, how could a little baby get that nipple in her mouth. As the babies got bigger we set up routines for them, we watched them together, day and night. We turned twenty and we never celebrated our birthdays. We hadn't worked in months, almost a year, since I got pregnant.

    Our man father moved in with us and started to look for a house for us to move. It is selfish but we didn't need him then, Veronica and I had each other, we had our babies, the last thing we needed was a man wanting to poke around some more. He poked around, caught us off guard and poked us before we were ready. I got pregnant again at two months, so she let herself get pregnant in the following month. We were in our own little world, we didn't do anything other than have babies and take care of them. The bills never crossed our minds, if he wasn't paying for everything we would have been on welfare.

    We are older now and our babies are not babies any more, I went back to work and she stays home. She is studying online to be a court reporter, but she never wants to go back to work. We did move into our house, a two room condo got very small for us. We all live together. He calls us sisters and reminds us that we are family and we need to be together because the three of us are tied to each other forever. We still have heat, but between two it is easier, you don't have to carry the burden all by yourself.

    It is just hard to remember how much heat we had when he was getting us pregnant. We couldn't put it out, we just wanted him to do it over and over again. We tell the story like it was all him, but it wasn't him, it was us, being together like that we were on overdrive. Watching him get her pregnant that day turned my insides on and nothing could put out the fire. It took two kids back to back to calm it down. The fire is not out, whatever happens happens, the more he pokes around the better I feel. We signed up for round two.

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    your sick in the head. if i were in your place ide find a way to kill myself.

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