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    Straight Female / 38

    A quick confession about "Quickie's".
    My husband won't or can't keep up with my demands for sex, so around eight months ago I decided if he couldn't give me what I need, I'd seek out men who would.
    It's not as if I'm not attractive, as I am. I'm also slim with long brunette hair and a libido to match my desires in ever way. The thing was, I couldn't quite find the type of man around my age, who didn't want to have a longer term thing going.
    Then by pure chance, I noticed a young guy checking out when I was buying some clothing in a large department store. And ended up having sex with him on the stairwell of the car park. It was spontaneous, it was relatively quick and it got me off like a freight train, before I drove home to my hum drum boring husband.
    The following week, I had a cheeky builder who was working on a house down the street proposition me. Offering him some lunch, I took him to bed and had a wonderful twenty minute fuck before he went back to work. We had sex for about a month after that. Always a quick suck and fuck session, and he always made sure I was climbing the walls sexually, by fucking me so hard, to such amazing orgasms.
    When he moved on I decided that was my formula from then on, and I've stuck to it.
    A couple more trades man have given me "Quickie's", but more often than not, I find men, mostly younger men out and about in my daily life.
    You'd be surprised by just how many young men are willing to give an older woman a quick fucking, knowing there's no ties afterwards. In all I've now had sex with eleven different men, all with varying sized cocks and sexual stamina. Some have wanted more, but the vast majority are more than happy to fuck me a few times, have the fun and move on.
    Pity my good for nothing husband can't do the same.

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    Older Married woman here and when I was younger I did the same I loved to fuck and went around doing quick fucks and it was awesome. I still love my husband and now I am older he takes viagara and the sex is good. I still am horny as can be but i have gained weight and I am told I am still pretty but with things the way they are today I do not want to risk things. I do love my husband and he does satisfy me a bit more now. Maybe hubby has a problem. If you are happy just keep doing your quickies and enjoy.

    DM It is fun getting fucked by different men and different cock :)
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    So youre ok with your husband just going out and fucking random girls? 20-30 yr olds?
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    If he's good-for-nothing why are you still with him?

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