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    Straight Female / 45

    "sex lives matter" forget "black lives matter". I want to start a female only speciality business. there is a need in society for it.
    paying a male model gigolo for massage therapy and sex .its ther**eutic treatments right safe sex comdons and sex health checks. what is so wrong with opening a massage parlour that is private and caters for women without lovers or in need of some handsome stud beautiful sexual massage and sexual relief. Men have them so why can't women? there is nothing wrong with it and why can't the govt help fund it in health care. "sex lives matter" forget "black lives matter". want not waste not! principle applies here. Want in this proverb == need or lack. So, the meaning is that if you don't waste X, you can avoid lacking or needing X. It is advising against waste because you might want it in the future. It was allegedly first recorded in 1772 but had an earlier willful waste makes woeful want version recorded in 1576! its as old as the hills. well it certainly would calm anxiety levels down and depression, in the moment you can save a lot more on govt paying out for all these depressed separated and divorced women. I don't feel bad about going to one. its a public need. its relaxing and calms you down. I think its as important as gym or social life and all kinds of things. its just a service contract and business what is wrong with it? nothing!

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    My wife's friend, that is really in to yoga had been going to get tantric massages. (I didn't know any of these terms before this all happened.)
    Well this man also gives yoni massages.
    My wife got excited after she found out about this. She said that Lori (her friend) has been going without her husbands knowledge. But she wanted to be upfront and wanted to try a tantric, yoni massage. Well I didn't pay any mind and I couldn't understand why her husband would care so much about a massage. So I just agreed without researching it.
    The day she came home from the massage, she was all smiles and horny. I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I just took advantage of my good fortune.
    She went several more times and always came home just as pleased. So finally I asked, what exactly is so good about this massage?
    Well she was surprised and thought she was just a lucky wife with an understanding husband.
    Apparently, tantric is supposedly some kind of sexual healing energy in yoga and the yoni is the happy ending part of a woman.
    So you can choose to be dr**ed or not and my wife feeling her wild Oates decided she just wanted to be nude.
    He uses different pressure techniques and slathers her up with oils from head to toe. The guy ends by massaging the yoni. My wife is multi-orgasmic and apparently he picked up on that.
    So at first I was a little upset by this all, but then realized the overall benefit of it. It's not like she was sleeping with guy right?
    Right, not sleeping anyway.
    So she then proceeds to tell me that after she had gone a couple times, he explained that her chakras are not in balance and he can help her to reach a higher level of consciousness through human connection.
    Really I think he just wanted to bang my wife because she is a short, curvy, bubbly blonde. And so he did, in a bunch of different positions on more than one occasion, I'm told. The best part is, she pays him $165 plus tip each time to fuck her. Ironically, there is a whole world full of men that want to screw my wife. It's obvious, they flirt with her everywhere we go.
    Anyway, this caused some problems between us for a while, but we've come to terms with it. She still goes occasionally. Loris is still screwing the yogi too, but at least my wife is honest about it.
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    First take the green pill then the blue, sorry zombies but can't you do better?

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