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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My dream, wish, call it what you like is to dress as a girl, and have an older guy with a much bigger cock than me give me a hard fucking. Not just firm, but hard and deep. I want my inferior cock bound up with cord so tight so I cant get hard, and absolutely not be able to cum... I'd want to suck him first to get him hard, then let him take me hard and deep anally. I want to feel his big balls slapping against mine as he drills deep, and I so desperately want him to cum an absolute gushing torrent deep inside me, want to hear him groaning and grunting as he empties his big manly balls into me... Marking me, owning me.

    I don't get to cum though. Just him. He's the man, not me.

    I know it's a short post, but I live with a woman (for how much longer I don't know LOL) and I'm a bit short of time between her nagging me and being a massive pain in the ass... And not in a fun way.

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