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    Straight Female / 21

    I can't actually believe I'm putting this here and I'm certainly not expecting it to help but I feel like I just want to tell someone, even if it's just strangers on the damned internet.
    Basically (ok, here goes), I sucked off my brother after getting naked and kissing/groping together.
    We were sharing a hotel room for the weekend last week because of a cousin's wedding. It was after the reception, we were both a little tipsy and happy and had been dancing and celebrating with friends and family all afternoon and evening.
    When we got back to the room it was late and we were just chatting about how nice a day we'd had. I said something about wishing I could have a wedding like that someday and he caught me off guard by telling me how sure he was that I would because of how sexy I was. He apologised immediately and I felt bad for him so told him thankyou for being so sweet.
    For some reason I walked over and gave him a peck on the cheek. He looked at me after with the exact look a guy gives when he wants a girl, and for some reason I didn't pull away. I was waiting to see if he was gonna do what I thought he was gonna do- kiss me.
    He did.
    And I let him.
    It was long and passionate and the most forbidden yet lovely thing I'd ever done. We eventually started fumbling and lay down on the bed together with our arms wrapped around each other. We didn't say anything. We just kissed, and began taking off each other's clothes.
    If anyone has told me that at this wedding I'd be having my breasts sucked on by my brother as he fingered me, I'd have retched and then hit them. But that's exactly what happened and it made me cum three times in a row which I've never done before.
    That was the point that I just slid down the bed and took my brother's penis into my mouth and gave him only the third ever blowjob I have ever given in my life. I even let him finish in my mouth and swallowed (never done that before).
    After that we sort of just spooned and cuddled until we fell asleep.
    In the morning we barely looked at each other and it's like there's just an unspoken agreement in place since then that we never speak of it again.
    I can't believe this happened and I have literally NO idea what to do now.

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    Very hot!! Did you enjoy it? Be honest. Your story made me hard. What is your age difference? I am interested in chatting online if you are.
    [email protected]@@@@@@@ y a h o o dot com
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    He's three years older. And yes, I enjoyed it. That's what's really screwing with my head.
    I'm even having sick thoughts about asking him if we can do it again. Maybe... go even further.
    Fuck, this is ridiculous
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    I had the same reaction as Commenter #1.
    My dick got hard.
    You know why?
    Because of your clear, straight-forward honesty.

    The only thing perhaps not-altogether true was that you were both "a little tipsy."
    When I younger, I do not recall EVER leaving a wedding reception for a good friend or family member anything but pretty majorly buzzed.
    But it's a different kind of buzz. the special celebratory kind, with toasts, and speeches, and dancing, etc.

    This is your older brother.
    Obviously, if he was that abhorrent to you, you would've gotten separate rooms.
    That said, you must've already felt relatively comfortable being yourself around him.
    He's no doubt probably a good looking guy.
    Apparently you were both unattached.
    Caught up in the moment, you cut loose.
    And neither of you seem to have blamed the other.

    So, no. I disagree. I don't think it's ridiculous.
    And yes, not only do I think this is something you should do again, I think you should speak with him first, tell him you want to explore this together in an honest and mutually beneficial way, and share the things you know with each other.

    The other option sucks.
    Quilt, feeling weird any time the subject occasionally happens to arise.
    Squirming because you broke some kind of taboo.

    Well, did you?
    Or did you stumble onto something that might be a source of closeness for you both?
    Why is it seen as another sexual option in a long line of sexual options our culture has beaten into our heads as WRONG with no explanation and no option other than absolute adherence?

    And if now, completely sober, you're able to admit that not only did you like it, but you liked it so much you'd do again, then clearly the chemistry was very good.

    If it was enjoyable for you then it had to have been for him too.
    He's obviously already been admiring your beauty or he wouldn't have said what he did.
    It seems that he loves you as a brother and was surely just being very complimentary without any ulterior motive.

    I bet if you asked him if he enjoyed it and if he wanted to do it again and do more, he say hell yes.

    So I recommend, as the female in this new thing with your brother, that you take charge.
    He isn't going to want to because he older and would never want you to feel used.
    But I'm sure he thinks a lot about how good your pussy would feel.

    So get a room, talk to him, fuck him repeatedly, tell him what you like, find out what he likes, use the whole situation to learn about the opposite sex in a healthy way and in a way that can help you both prepare to be in relationships later.

    Just my take on it. I'm nobody.
    But you seem like a straight-up girl.
    And I'm sure your brother is the same.
    Wish you both the best.

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    No big deal. Well done!
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    Thank you for your kind words. I took the plunge and told him tonight that I enjoyed our night at the wedding.
    He was super shy but (oh fuck, I'm so happy) he said he did too. If nothing else it felt nice to break the silence but knowing he also feels the same is indescribable.
    We have the house all to ourselves this weekend. I honestly think I'm going to have sex with my own brother this weekend
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    Commenter #2 here again.

    Good for you!

    I'm sure he feels as relieved as you do.
    Probably as excited as well.

    Go for it this weekend and be happy!

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    You have truly bonded with your brother, brother and sister is a very special bond there is nothing like it in the world, you took hic seed and swallowed it, I remember my first time with my sister it was at a wedding I knew I was sharing with my sister when we got to our room we found we had a double bed we tried to change it but couldent, we had groped each other when we were younger some years earlier, to cut the story short we got a bit drunk and I fucked my sister that afternoon, when I was about to cum I had to pull out because we doing it bare back without protection, we said we would never do it again but we cant leave each other alone even though we are both married, its a social bond we can not break and don't want to
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    As soon as I started to read your post I had to get my dick out, I ejackulated without wanking, great post.
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    I mean, it wasn't exactly my intention to titillate with my original confession here, but ok.

    In other news, I am now officially a girl who has fucked her brother.
    I'm the biggest mix of emotions right now and am having trouble making sense of it all. On the other hand, I am still glowing from the most intense orgasm I've ever had

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