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    Straight Male / 32

    I got an unbelievable proposition from my cousin. Tena is my cousin and she is a few years older than me. After high school she went into the medical field and is something below a doctor. All I know is that she focused on school and her job and didn’t date for a number of years. In the last four years she met a guy and they got married. He is a great guy. Very nice and good to her. But, he was married before and has three kids from that marriage. He is older than Tena. I guess when they got married, he promised they would have kids. But since their marriage they rarely have sex and he has hinted he doesn’t want more kids.

    Tena lives an hour from where my wife and I live. She was in town for her step son’s soccer game and stoped by after the game. My wife was out of town with our daughter for the weekend. Since my wife was gone, Tena asked if she could stay and I would take her home. She told me she wanted to talk. I agreed.

    Her husband left and we sat around talking. She told me about the kids issue, but she loved him and didn’t know what to do. We started drinking and we’re getting a good buzz when we ordered pizza. We kept drinking when I told Tena she may want to spend the night. She agreed instantly. Tena jokingly said that she had nothing to wear and would have to sleep naked. I told her that was fine. Tena exercised regularly, but also had large breasts that our grandma bestowed on all of the women in the family. I was attracted to her. At some point after that, Tena began confessing she rarely has sex and she is so horny that she masturbates at least once a day. She even spoke about exactly how she masturbates. The conversation was very sexual and I enjoyed every second of it.

    It was getting late and I was tired. Tena stood in the doorway and said she was getting totally naked and going to sleep. She winked and blew me a kiss. I was rock hard, but wasn’t brave enough to do anything. I went to bed thinking about Tena. Maybe fifteen minutes later, the light goes on in my bedroom. There is Tena nude standing in the doorway saying she couldn’t sleep and wanted to know if she could sleep with me. I said yes and she turned off the light and climbed into bed. She got into bed and began giving me a blow job. As soon as it was hard she told me to get on top. I climbed on, inside my cock and not very many strokes later I came. I apologized and she said we would do it again.

    The next morning we woke up and she gave me head again. This time she got on top and took it slow. I began rubbing her tits quickly and she told me to go slow. She wanted to fuck all morning. To sum up, I came three more times inside her. We had a lot of fun.

    We showered and I was driving her home when she told me that she wanted to have kids. We spoke for a while then I realized what whe was talking about. I pulled over into a parking lot and asked if she was on birth control, which she said no. I asked if I could have gotten her pregnant and she said yes. I was freaking out. That is when Tena asked this question. She asked if I would keep having sex with her to get her pregnant. Before I could answer, she said that she wouldn’t expect me to give her support or anything. She said her and Dave would raise the child as it was their own. That is when I realized that Dave knew what she was going to ask of me. I asked if Dave knew we had sex. She said he knew I was going to talk to you and that we might have sex. I was embarrassed and freaked out.

    I took her home and now she is waiting on a response from me. I would like to have a vasectomy and just have regular sex with her.

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