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    Straight Male / 46

    I helped out someone I knew and had to drive a van across the US. Needing help driving and such short notice, my mom was the only one willing to help. The two of us took off from home base in Maine. We had to stop along our route to drop off several boxes of material and show the people how to use the new product. Traveling was going to take the better part of two weeks. Each night we would stop in a hotel and sleep. The first week was over and just a little over a week to go. This was the point when mom and I were getting on each otherâs nerves. One night we stopped and the room only had one bed. No big deal, a few nights back we slept in the same bed. This night we went to the bar/restaurant at the hotel. We ate and were both drinking. Before we knew it, we were both drunk. Up to the room we went. We crashed in bed. I had to get up to take a piss. I walked into the bathroom and started to take out my cock, when I hear my momâs voice. She was sitting in the toilet peeing. She said, âdid you come to piss all over me?â I flipped on the light and looked down to see mom drunk and smiling. Her hairy pussy was in view. I apologized, she smiled and said I donât mind at all, but would prefer to be in the shower if you are going to piss on me. I took it that she wanted to be pissed on. This was a new one to me. I didnât know what to say, so mom got up and went back to bed.

    The next day we woke up and I wanted to ask questions, but didnât know how to start the conversation. We drove and I kept wanting to say something. Finally, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch and while sitting there, I said I wanted to ask about last night. She immediately said she didnât want to talk about it. We finished eating and walked to the van. Before I unlocked the doors, I said I want to make sure Iâm not crazy. Mom knew exactly what I wanted to ask. All she told me was to hurry up. We were standing on the passenger side of the van very close to each other. I asked if she wanted to be pissed on. With her head down she said she does enjoy it at the right time. I was excited to hear more and lifted her head. She saw my smile and she smiled. She asked if I was disgusted and when I said no, she opened up. She said it became a fetish in high school and has continued. Rarely does she ever get a chance to enjoy it, but has found a few people over the years to satisfy her desires. I asked if she enjoyed watching the piss come from the cock and she said she doesnât mind what it comes from, but yes she enjoys watching the piss exit the body. I knew she meant a woman. When I asked about a woman, she said that I almost caught her last summer.

    Mom told the story about our neighbor, Leigh Ann. Leigh ann and mom spend at lot of time at our pool when the weather is warm enough. She said, last year Leigh Ann and she were in the pool drinking. Once Leigh Ann had to pee, they went over to the concrete and Leigh Ann moved her bikini bottoms over exposing her vagina. Mom positioned under her and Leigh Ann spread her lips with her fingers and just started to pee on mom when they heard the door in the house close. Leigh Ann stopped and grabbed the hose and began washing off the concrete and mom. I walked out about the time she had got everything wet. I remembered that day and told mom that I thought it was really strange Leigh Ann was spraying her with the hose. We continued driving as mom told me some of her favorite stories.

    Before I could ask mom if I could do it, she said that I need to drink a ton of water if Iâm going to pee on her. We stopped and bought water and I was drinking like crazy. I was about to explode by the time we got to a hotel. Mom had to check in because I didnât want to move. We made it to the room and both of us took off our clothes. I was getting erect looking at mom and began massaging her breasts. We began kissing when she took me into the bathroom. She laid in the tub and I stood over her about midway. I began pissing on her breasts when she said to move up. I was pissing on her face when she opened her mouth. The piss was filling her mouth and ran out. I moved down to piss on her hairy pussy. When I was done, she stood up, hugged me and said I could do it anytime.

    Ever since that day, I have pissed on my mo thousands of times. I have watched Leigh Ann piss on her and both os us have pissed on her. I never thought I would like it, but I have found that I love it.

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    So why don't you fuck her and tell us about it. Rub your ass crack in her face and make her suck you off for the golden shower
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    I've read many mom-son experiences, but never one quite like this. Thanks for sharing!

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