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    Straight Female / 24

    I was 21 and still in college with a part time job. I met a guy at the place I was working and we more or less had a thing going, but nothing serious. He was divorced and there was still a lot of anger and hurt and I wasn't old enough to help, and I was too young for him anyway. But I was seeing him and he got into my pants, and that is why I still spoke to him even when I returned to college full time.

    I was at home, my apartment, I was washing my hair when he knocked on the door unannounced. He came in and sat down. I was in gym clothes and my hair was wet and I didn't have on make up and the apartment was a mess and I didn't have anything to offer him. He told me that his company was transferring him to South East Asia, to their office in Singapore as Marketing Director. He didn't want to go alone, he didn't want to be alone, and if I wanted to go with him.

    I sat down on the coffee table and I was honest, I told him he needed to go back to his wife, make up, apologize, whatever he needed to do and ask her to get back with him and go with him to Singapore and have a new baby over there. I was 21, I still had a semester to go to finish college, I wasn't ready to go off with a man, and he wasn't even free, he was in love with his ex wife.

    We did have sex, and I was as giving as I could be, I felt for him, he was mourning the loss of his wife and kids, I had sex with him and I told him to go back to his wife. His wife, suck it up and get her back, take her back if he had to, have sex with her, get her pregnant again, whatever he had to do, but he needed to go back to his wife.

    In the middle of this thing, he asked me to speak to his wife for him. Speaking to a 31 year old woman with two kids, that a man I had slept with, wanted her back. That is what he asked me to do. I loved him, I never told him that, but I did, so I went to her. I introduced myself to her, told her I was his girlfriend of sorts, that we slept together, and that I loved him, and that is why I was there. That it was a mistake for them to be divorced. He needed her and she needed to put away her anger and feelings and go back to her husband, get married again, and go with him to Singapore.

    She did get pregnant in Singapore.

    I have not been able to break it off with him. I am still in the wings waiting for my grand performance opportunity. While they are in Singapore I am in graduate school. He comes home for work related matters and he stays with me. I sent her a gift, and I sent a gift for the new baby. Also, when he came back the first time for a couple of days I told him I was in love with him.

    We saw each other during their annual leave. She and I share our current lives via skype, social media or on the phone. The time difference puts her on the phone early in the morning and later in the evening for me. We like it better than skype. We talk for an hour or more every week, plus the quick skype calls and emails. They will finish their assignment next year, in time for me to finish my degree.

    She is anxious to return. She has a maid to help, but three kids in an apartment is too much. We talk that when they return, we have to sort things out. We talk about that a lot. How we are going to sort things out.

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