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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Early last month I went for a job interview, and was held back along with another candidate. He went back into the interviewers office before me, but was out within two minutes.
    Being called in I saw the interviewer, an older man called Rick was unfastening his trousers. Looking at me, he said "I'll make this simple. You let me suck on your cock, then I bend right over here, and you fuck me. You do this, not only is the job yours, I'll add £££Â&po und;£Â&poun d; to your salary".
    I gave it all of a second to think about what he'd said, and opened my trousers. Allowing him to wrap his wet mouth around my cock, before I fucked him bareback over his own desk.
    There are two reasons I did this. Not only for the money, but I'd applied for over twenty jobs since I'd become unemployed, and jobs in the area I live in are so hard to get and hold. The second part was, the interviewer just so happens to be the father of my girlfriend.
    I'd tried so hard not to go to him for a job, because of pride and that I thought he was a bit of a knob. I buried my pride when my girlfriend said something like (I can't remember exactly) "My dad's got a job lined up for you, you just have to prove you're the right MAN for the job, and give him everything he asks you for".
    After I'd fucked him, and it was an awesome fuck, and cum deep inside his arsehole. He cleaned himself and his cum stained desk up (He'd cum all over it). He then told me the job was mine and that ***** was waiting outside to pick me up. I hadn't arranged for his daughter to pick me up, nor did I mention I'd be finished by that time. Yet she was there, so I walked out and sat in her car to what seemed like a knowing smile.
    She kissed me hard, then said "The jobs yours then, knew you had it in you". Within an hour I was balls deep up her arsehole, as she lay herself over the arm of the sofa. And I swear it was if she was reenacting what I'd done with her dad.
    I'm still employed by my girlfriends father, and some week days I service his arsehole after everyone else has gone home. I'm pretty sure not only does she know about it, but in some ways I think she's watched us fuck. I don't know how, but every time I fuck him in a different position, she has me fuck her in a similar way later that day, and always up her tight arsehole.

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    #1 He's going to get ambushed. that's what LIER means. If you meant liar, then I think you should get back to primary school and learn to spell. Dumb fuck!!!
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    "the interviewer, an older man called Rick..." "the interviewer just so happens to be the father of my girlfriend..." What total BS.
    7 days ago

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