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    Gay Male / 30

    I will be honest. I spent some time overseas. I was working for a home products company in a Marketing and Sales capacity. It was my first assignment overseas. I met him through the company, we became friends and he invited me out to his lake house for the weekend. He picked me up and we drove through the countryside for about an hour, the lake is a volcanic lake in an old crater so the views are fantastic.

    He has a pool, so we changed into our swim trunks, although for me the water was too cold to swim. An hour later two other guys showed up and the caretaker man set up lunch and drinks. The caretaker brought out as appetizers, served on a small plate, two for each. The branded American pill. The three men took theirs and insisted on me taking both pills. That is when my host stood up and came around to me and kissed me on the mouth, with his hand reaching down to my pants. We were there to have fun.

    I, well all I could do was go along. I took the pills, he assured me that it made the fun last longer. He kissed me again, only this time his kiss lasted longer, he told me that American boys were always special, it reminded him of his university days at Penn State. I was 28, not a boy, but to him I was a boy. The other two men, well in that context one was a man and the other was boy, about 25, were holding hands.

    I had hooked up before, like a short hook up, but now I was at this lake house, and this man serving us, and these other men, talking about this party and that one and I should have been there. After lunch, it was time for some nude massage, everyone got nude, we caught some sun, and the caretaker gave our host a complete massage and then the other man got a massage while I spoke with the other boy. He came from a well to do family, he had studied banking in England and he spoke excellent English. I asked him often these affairs came together, he said that once in a while, when they could get together, not always at the lake, sometimes in an apartment that they maintained.

    The caretaker was massaging the man's penis, with oils and he was totally erect, the man worked in silence, massaging him, but not getting him to the point where he would come. The other boy and I watched, while my friend, was on the towel catching the afternoon sun. We saw the caretaker gently wash all of the oils off, and my sidekick, got up and went over and took his penis in his mouth and sucked him long and hard and let the caretaker know that he was ok to suck.

    I noticed that the other boy had gotten an erection, and he was proud of it, showed it to me. He came over, still erect, he said it was the effect of the pills, he liked having an erection, it felt good. He asked me if I wanted to suck him, to get the party started. Under the eyes of the two men, I sucked him, my first Latino boy. His erection was rock solid, hard, I got the start of an erection, which I was encouraged to continue. The caretaker came over with some oils and started to manage me while I spent some more time on my sidekick.

    After he gave me a long very good massage of my penis, and he got me into a full erection, he washed me off like he did the other man and we went into the house where the men asked for blow jobs. My man was very hard and he would stop me from time to time to kiss me. We stood for a while in a long kiss with our hands on our erections. He laid me on this couch and sucked me for a while. He liked to kiss and embrace and let our erections battle it out below, until the time came where he wanted more.

    The caretaker came over with some lubes, he lubed up his boss, and his boss lubed me up, and we went to town, he was as hard as I had been exposed to before, harder and he gave it his all. The other two were likewise engaged, fucking over by the window. Ejaculation came late, after a long time, the effect of the pills, in spite of the time I still maintained a decent erection and used my hand to release the energy I felt shoot through me.

    We relaxed afterwards, the caretaker came over to massage me again, gently but firmly using his fingers until he got me to go over the edge. He bent over to lick it all up. We didn't dress, stayed in the nude, while the men went down to the pool to swim the other boy and I talked. The caretaker he told me had been his boss' boy, and now he took care of things for him. He told me that we were the boys because we enjoyed getting fucked, he said that we were both gay as far as the men were concerned. What was different in his country, was that since the men did the fucking they were just perverts, but not gay.

    We laughed, we had sex again later in the evening, the effect of the pills did not wear off. We drove back to the city well after dark, after a dinner served by the caretaker. My introduction into the scene, I stayed busy and I was marked property so other than a quick turn with my sidekick the other boy, I was reserved for only one man, and my host. That is their way, one man does not take another man's boy away. It was really good being a boy while I was there, really good.

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