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    This isnât really gross to my girlfriend or I but might be for the hotel maid. My girlfriend and I were vacationing in Florida this past week. She wanted to go to a beach somewhere so I said letâs drive to Florida and stay there for a week and just hang out on the beach. Of course we did other things and being in a hotel sex happens every night for us since we donât have to deal with our normal schedules.

    Well hereâs the gross part, we were having sex the third morning there. She got on top of my morning wood to wake me and I was just letting her be on top for a while. I canât cum with a woman on top so eventually I held on to her and got her in missionary position. I was just doing my thing, kissing her and she felt very wet. Wetter than normal. I was just cumming in her all week which I normally donât do and I was cumming in her as I was kissing her. She orgasmed too at the same time. But when I pulled my dick out it was blood covered, she had started her period early. Iâm not afraid of period sex so No big deal for either of us. But when I pulled my dick out blood and cum got all over the sheets.

    So we went to shower together and after getting dressed the maid knocked on the door. We let her in and I broke the bad news to her just to be nice. I told her a little something happened and we werenât expecting it. She saw the stains in the sheet and said I know what that is and how it happens.

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