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    Straight Male / 28

    I can think of one event I can post on here although it's not my confession. I call it, "dodging the bullet." When in my early teens my dad, tiring of foul city air, noise and crime, moved us out into the country. He purchased land in a rural area, surrounded mostly by farms, in order to get affordable land. Then, with friends, he built a small house.

    Dad talked to the school board and they included a bus pick up for me, their only child. After we moved in and settled, on the school bus, among others, I met four farm kids, two brothers and two sisters, who lived a couple of miles away but easily reached on my bicycle. They were all my age but one of the girls was a couple of years older, around 16.

    We used to spend a lot of time in their barn and they showed me around and then took all their clothes off and had sex together. The two boys did the girls, the girls did each other and the boys did each other was well. I watched, mouth agape, in shock, the first time. After a while they asked me to join but something inside me rejected the idea, as hot as I got watching. I recall going home with an erection and masturbating numerous times with the memories of what I had seen.

    The girls also put on shows, showing us how they could stuff objects into their vaginas. I had never seen a naked female before and was always pop-eyed, watching all of it. It was overwhelming and, again, something told me to "stay away." I recall in the second year of my living in the community, I had not seen them other than on the bus for some time.

    The farm kids must have invited the wrong person to join them and word of their sexcapades made it to some authority figure that moved in on them. Even my parents heard about it and asked me if I knew them. I lied a bit and said, "I know who they are." The four farm kids disappeared from the school bus passengers and I never rode out to check on them. To this day I have no idea where they all went.

    I can only imagine they are fucking everyone they meet as they grow up. They were the wildest.

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