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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    In my freshman year in college my mom (dad was gone) said, "try to meet Mr. Right because this year will be the only year I can afford to send you." I did not meet Mr. Right but I did apply for a job bussing in the cafeteria and washing dishes. The woman who ran the place, Ella, was obviously a bull dyke to me. I knew one or two in High School. She was also the chief cook and a good one at that.

    She was friendly from minute one and she started calling me, "Peanut" and "my sweetpea" and other terms of endearment. She took long glances at me and said out loud, "Scrumptious" and in weeks later, "I want a taste of you, sugar." Somehow, all the verbal sweetness toward me melted me and caused me to feel warm toward her.

    She began by sharing a cup of something or other with me after work. One day, she had to attend an important meeting and asked me to stay for an hour until she returned from her meeting, "watch for stuff." I sat at her desk and started playing Free Cell on her computer. Tiring of that, I went to her browsing history and found site after site of hard lesbian and bisexual sites. Watching hot lesbians going at each other (and I suspected they were just females working for money because not one looked like a lesbian to me, and all, while naked, wore six inch heels)I got really turned on.

    I was busy hammering away on my clit, watching a so called lesbian video when Ella returned. She said, "Oh, go ahead and enjoy, honey. I have to close up here." In a few minutes I had regained my composure. Ella came in and had a strange look on her face. She leaned down and kissed my neck. Soon, her hands were all over me and she took my hand and walked me to the back cafeteria supply room, a place loaded with all kinds of food, refrigerators and a cot. Her hands continued to roam my body and she was breathing hard and trembled a bit.

    She unbuttoned my jeans, saying, "honey, honey, oh honey" Soon, her mouth lips, tongue, were all over my crotch and she licked from my anal opening up to my belly button and back again. I just let it all happen and was soon enjoying it. She took little bites on my ass and vulva, stomach, and continued to lick me then felt her tongue entering my vagina like a cock would, while she rubbed hard on my clit. She did the same to my anus and it felt amazing. This woman was truly experienced with another woman and she brought on one long orgasm after another until I had to ask her to stop, while I trembled, shaking all over.

    She became my after-work lover and eventually I ended up eating her out, hairy and all, but nothing like she did me. I told her I would be leaving school at year's end for want of money and she called one of her female "partners" as she named them. The woman, Reggie, a stunning woman, owned and ran an upscale Mediterranean restaurant attended by the wealthiest people in the region. I started to work there as a cocktail waitress. Before long, Reggie and I were sleeping together. She explained that I was "sitting on a gold mine" and talked me into money-for-sex deals with both men and women from the club.

    It's all who you know, as I learned. That was some years ago. I made it through college, went for an MBA after that and now work for my own partner, Reggie, as her #2. I still see Ella once in a while and enjoy her educated tongue. I even got her to shave her pussy.

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