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    Gay Male / 37

    Living as a man is now impossible for me.

    I'm honestly surprised that no one has drawn the conclusion (or asked the question at least) of whether I am gay or trans, or both. It's not like I would say no to either one at this point. Some people might be starting to guess though, because I have been getting a few hairdresser comments after having let my hair grow for a year. If only they knew.

    If only they knew that I have a full women's wardrobe.

    If only they knew I had 30 pairs of women's shoes, most of them high heels.

    If only they knew I had more stockings and pantyhose than I could count, most of them exquisitely silky and sheer. Little did I know that when I tried my first pair on at 8 years old that my fate was sealed and I was out of the gene pool. I have never had sex with a woman despite thinking for years that I was straight and had a fetish. How foolish I was. Looking back now, it's so easy to realize that I have always been most excited when dressed sexy for a man, daintily bending over to suck his cock while he gropes me, spanks my ass, and calls me a bitch, a sissy, a faggot, and so many other wonderfully emasculating names. I love fucking in many positions, but so far the best sex I have had was while spooning, and lifting my pantyhosed leg into the air for my man and watching the pump on my foot flop up and down while his dick pumped in and out of my ass, while he pulled my hair and had his hand on my neck, showing me that my destiny is to be another man's bitch. But who am I kidding, sex for me has always involved a cock fucking my ass, and often cumming in it.

    I now go shopping for shoes and clothes dressed as a woman, live almost exclusively as a woman out of the office, and will be going on a date with a guy this Sunday who promises to parade me around town. I eventually hope to be rid of my male wardrobe, and one day say "I do" to a man while wearing a bridal dress.

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    I've been secretly dressing up for other boys since Middle school when my best friend's brother slid along side me at a sleepover. I could feel his penis through my underpants pressing between my buttcheeks. I couldn't help but press back. He kissed me on my cheek and whispered that he wanted to fuck me if it's ok with me. I had no idea what fucking was but whispered an innocent "okay" back. He slid the back of my tighty-whities down and I thought fucking was him working his cock between my cherry cheeks. He wet his penis a third time, pushed harder and forced past my tight rosebud of virginity. I gasped a boyishly high squeal as he busted my cherry innocent tightness. My back naturally arched in boyish submission as he wiggled in deeper, cumming as he went.

    He spent the summer fucking me secretly at the sleepovers. It slowly feminize me and I pantied up for him as a surprise, a surprise he shared with his friends.
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    Wow, nothing at all bigoted about that.

    Learn how to spell, you moron. And check your caps lock.
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    So nice to hear this! I relate to everything you said. I am in exact position now and am considering if I should find a man who will make me his emasculated sissy wife and fuck my gay feminine ass. I too think I am too weak and submissive to be a man and rather should submit by effeminate girlish self to an alpha hunk and be his bitch.
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    #4 - Isn't it so wonderful to be an effeminate gay sissy beta male? It's so hot knowing that I have a small penis and will ultimately be the woman in a relationship with another man.

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