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    Straight Female / 19

    My Naked Pictures went to the Wrong Guy.

    I met this guy last year in school. We had some of the same math classes and we were in a couple of groups together.
    He is a very cute guy but he's always hanging around this group of girls that hate me.

    We call each other some times to get assignments and trade homework. Lately, we've been flirting around a lot.
    No matter what we're talking about, it always leads back to sex. He talks about all the girls he's laid and always wants to know how come I'm not seeing anyone. I just lie and tell him the guy I go out with are out of state.
    We got into a long discussion about how long distance relationships never last. I just told him that we're always sexting. That I send him naked pictures of myself and we call each other and get off together.

    Of course he was really interested and kept asking for me to show him. Of course I didn't actually do it so I didn't have any naked ones to show him. I just showed him some that I share on snap-chat. They are cute but not dirty.

    After a while I changed the subject, but he seemed to be picturing me naked. He said that he didn't believe me and I should prove it to him by sending me some that night. He would delete them, right away, or course. I made a deal with him, if I sent him a picture he liked, he would take me out every Saturday (for a month straight) at a place of my choosing. He just smiled and said that we would see.

    I could hardly wait to get home. That night, I put on several of my sexiest lingerie sets and made sure that I had just the right amount of nipple slips and pubic flash to get his really excited. I was sure that this was going to be a great month. While I was taking the pictures, I decided to get creative and rub my nipples and pussy just for icing on the cake. It was more seductive than raunchy. I selected his number from my contacts and then kissed the phone for good luck and then typed a little note. It was something like, I've been waiting for you to make your move but I can't wait any longer. I hope you get the idea. And then I sent it.

    That was New Years Eve. He was going with his parents out of town and wouldn't be able to contact me until Monday. His parents were really strict and they hate all of his girlfriends so I'd have to wait to find out what he thought.
    I was sure he was going to sneak away and jerk off to them, though.

    Well I was so nervous that night but really turned on. My parents had some of the family over for the holiday and there was a ton of food, music and fireworks. I had a blast. My aunt even came over with her husband, Joe. They always seem to get me the best presents. Not only did I get a big hug but Joe hands me this jewelry box. It was a beautiful heart pendant. It was even nicer than usual. I thanked them both and went around the party showing it off.

    So, we danced and ate and then we all gathered around for the midnight count-down. It was a pretty nice time, but I spent a lot of time looking at my phone. I knew that I wouldn't get a reply from my study buddy but still couldn't stop thinking about him. I was telling some of cousins about him but of course, not about the pictures.

    At around one o'clock, everyone started leaving. My aunt had too much champagne so her and her husband stayed in the guest bedroom. I told everyone that I was heading to bed because I was really sleepy. I really wasn't, I just wanted to go over my pictures. I needed to know that I sent the right ones. Maybe he didn't like them. I hugged everyone goodnight and went to my bedroom.

    I changed into one of the outfits from the nudes I sent and began posing in front of the mirror. I was feeling the champagne from earlier and liked what I saw. There was no way he could resist me now.

    I turned off the lights and crawled into bed. I pushed the blankets over to the side and began masturbating. Thinking about my new guy made me so wet, know that I sent him those pictures made me feel so excited. It was so intense that I was out of breath when I came. It took me another twenty minutes to calm myself down. At that point I was exhausted. I pulled my sheet up around my hips and figured that I would take a cat-nap. It was like I was floating.

    I woke up, suddenly. It was still dark outside and the house was very quiet. I was cold. I must have kicked off the sheet during the night. My panties were still around my ankle. I took them down earlier. When I fixed them on both legs and pulled them up, I felt the fabric cling to my skin around my hips and pussy. In the dark, I felt my panties and they were really soaked. As I ran my hands up my body, I found that not only my pussy, but my belly and tits were wet and sticky. My first thought was that I had somehow smeared my pussy fluids all over myself. I got up and quietly turned on my lights. I pulled off my sheets and pillow case. Yes, I had gotten some around my face.

    After wiping myself I changed into my pajamas and got back into bed. I was so confused. I was about to nod off again and then I noticed that I was sucking on my lower lip. It's a bad habit. I noticed that there was a salty flavor and texture that I couldn't place. Oh, I forgot to brush my teeth. So I got up and went to the restroom. I tried the door, but it was locked. From inside the bathroom, I hear Joe. I'll be out in a second, Honey. I said that it was alright. I would just go to the hall bathroom. After taking care of my business, I headed back upstairs. Joe was in the hallway, I was really groggy and didn't think much when he gave me a little kiss on the cheek and picked me up when he hugged me. I fumbled with the doorknob and then stumbled back into my comfy bed. It smelled weird.

    I slept until about noon. The house was quiet, but I could hear cars and lawnmowers buzzing around outside. I opened my eyes and the first thing that I notice is that the sheets are off and my pajama tops are up unbuttoned and my bottoms are just below my hip and my panties are rolled down to my thighs. In the light of day, I see a puddle of cum drying on my pussy. The smell of Joe's cum hits me just then. I try to move my lips but they are stuck together with more dried cum.

    This man has never been cruel or perverted to me, what happened to him? That's when I see the phone. There was a message from Joe. I'm glad you sent me those pictures and told me how you really feel. I felt that way too but was so afraid to tell you. I hope that you know that I will never tell. Text me if you want to stay at our house next time. I guess instead of Jimmy, I messed up and chose Joe's number. How can I ever explain, now, that it was a stupid mistake??

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    It'll be a damned sight harder to explain to us how someone could come all over you and feel you up - and you don't feel a thing? Either your story is a load of crap or you must drink REALLY heavily.
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    Nice fantasy you have there.
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    Ditto on #1. Indeed, if she was honest, she'd let Joe tell his side of the story.
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    Just a story of a young girl wanting to be used in an innocent way. Yes, wanting to be fucked without all the culture drama. Cut the bullshit bitch and roll over!
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    Say it in front of the family! And if your under age sucks to be you

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