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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Back In June 2016 I was out drinking with a couple of friends whilst on holiday abroad. They decided to go to a club, but I'd not long been chatting up a beautiful older woman. So I stayed where I was, hoping to get her back to our apartment and fuck her. Only I didn't know one of the guys who'd just walked in, was her fella and the bar owner.
    No sooner had my friends had gone, I was dragged out to the rear of the bar and thought I was about to get a kicking. Instead, I literally had my t-shirt, shorts and boxers ripped off of me. Shitting myself stood naked in front of three men (Even now I'm only eight and a half stone wet through) I expected the punches to start flying, but I was only slapped hard. It stung like crazy, but once I'd recovered enough I saw all three men had dropped their shorts and were telling me to suck their dicks.
    I had a choice I thought at the time. Fight them, not much chance of that. Scream like a girl, or try and run. I thought this until I noticed one of the men was the bar owner. Someone my friends and I had noticed earlier outside another bar, and I remembered thinking "Fuck me he's huge". And he wasn't just huge in his stature either from what I saw in front of me.
    I was slapped again and by total instinct, I sank down opened my mouth and let the first man slide his cock over my tongue. The other two spoke to him in their language and he began to fuck my mouth. Thankfully I thought, he came within a minute then pulled out quickly, as I began to spit out his cum. Only to have the other shorter older man stick his cock down my throat. He made me gag a little at first, but I soon found I could handle his cock in my mouth, and I'm not sure what made me do it, but I started to hold his cock and suck on it for real. The other two made some sort of comments, but I didn't understand what they'd said.
    After I'd been sucking on his dick for about five minutes, I was lifted up into a standing position, but still had his cock in my mouth. All of a sudden I felt my arse cheeks being pulled apart, and had a hot tongue licking away at my arsehole. And truth be known it felt amazing. Still with the older mans cock in my mouth, I heard a wrapper being ripped open, then heard something being unfurled, or rolled.
    Seconds later with my arsehole covered in spit, my body was entered through my arsehole and I knew the bar owner was thrusting his cock up me. It was such a surreal moment, I kind of forgot where I was and what was happening to me. I'm not sure if that helped, but I only felt pain briefly then all kinds of wonderful feeling began to flood though my arsehole and my entire body.
    It wasn't as if i'd been fucked before, because I hadn't. Yet the feeling his cock ws giving me, was like someone providing my arsehole with mini orgasms. It felt so good, I found myself sucking harder on the older mans cock, and pushing back onto the bar owners.
    The older man came in my mouth shouting things in his language, and forced me to take everything down my throat by holding onto my head tightly. But I didn't care by then. The fucking I was getting was so good and so intense, I felt my own orgasm growing and screamed out in total pleasure when my cock erupted all over the floor beneath me.
    The bar owners thrusts became longer and more forceful, then all of a sudden he let out a cry of joy, and I felt his cock pumping out it's cum filling the condom deep up my arsehole.
    When I looked round, it was only the bar owner and myself left at the back of the bar. The other two had gone back inside and let his wife know they were finished with me. I knew this because she came out, kissed her husband and told me in perfect English "The only person who fucks me is him". She laughed a little, then added "But now I guess he fucks you too, eh!"
    My friends didn't find out then and don't know even to this day, that I've grown to love a thick meaty cock up my arsehole. They also don't know for the remaining four days of our holiday, when I said I didn't want to go clubbing on two of the nights, I was taking a bar owners huge Greek cock up my bum. Not at the rear of the bar, but in his beautiful villa only a mile away from his bar, and his wife knew only too well why I sat at the end of the bar waiting.
    The caveat to all of this, is I still visit that island and have done so twice a year, every year since. I don't have to pay for accommodation, or food, only my flights. His wife picks me up from the airport and tells me her mouth, pussy and arsehole can have a rest for a week. At first she was never around when he fucked me, but nowadays its as if they've agreed he can fuck me when and where ever he wants. So believe you me, he does and sometimes so do his friends.

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