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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    Two or three times a week, depending on time, I drive over to Gregs home and let myself in. He'll invariably be waiting for me naked with a cock ring on, tossing off his little penis. I don't cheat on my husband so Greg can fuck me per say. No I go round to Greg's home so I can sit on his face and have him lick out my pussy and asshole. Something my husband dislikes doing, and now won't entertain me at all.
    Our "sessions" can last anything from an hour to sometimes nearly two hours. And it's all down to how horny I feel and how many orgasms I desire that given day. Sometimes Greg will only get to lick and tongue out my pussy. Other days it'll be my asshole only. But most of the time I have him tongue my pussy and asshole, giving me such amazingly strong orgasms.
    If and only if Greg gives me extremely strong and earth shattering climaxes over and over again, do I sometimes suck on his cock until he shoots all over my face. And on very rare occasions I will actually mount his little cock and fuck him, making him cum inside of me, then have him lick me out all over again until I orgasming all over his face.
    In the eighteen months I've used his "Services" I've never failed to orgasm at least half a dozen times, always coating his face with my pussy and ass juices.
    We have recently begun to use sex toys to enhance the whole sexual time we have, but I must admit I love it just as much with him licking and tonguing both my holes, whenever I say I'm calling round.

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    If he has a small penis you could try anal sex with him. It won't hurt as much as your husbands cock would, plus getting fucked up the ass feels great.
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    Poor zombie, 39 years on the planet is this the best you can do ?

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