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    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    Last night I had another fight with my mother. The "why do you allow it" lecture. I don't allow it, I don't control it.

    We are talking about living with the other woman. The other woman in my life is my husband's exwife. She never left the scene, on my wedding night, granted I was pregnant, we had sex with her and the three of us woke up in bed together. I got consolation sex in the morning before we took our shower. So this goes back a long way.

    Maybe they should never have gotten divorced, if that was the case maybe I would never have gotten involved with him. But I did, and I got knocked up and she found me to be a convenient baby sitter and the next thing I know I was Mommy Sandra and her kids were crawling all over my pregnant belly to feel their baby sister moving and listen to her heart beat.

    My husband is not a saint. He has always had a reputation for fucking anything with a skirt. If he does I am not in a position to stop him. But as things are the other skirt he is fucking is his exwife. And I would rather he fucked her everyday than deal with him fucking some woman from work. And since I have to take seconds, I would rather take seconds from her than from some woman I don't know. I know her, she only takes it from him, and from time to time she has to take seconds from me. It is far better that it is the two of us than some new woman.

    So I go back to my mother, first it is not for me to allow, second knowing that he is fucking her does not bother me in the least. She is his exwife, not a stranger. So they couldn't live together? The important thing is that she can now that we are all in one house. He has two kids with her, and now that there is a new life with my kids. Sure sleeping with her was not what I expected, I did not expect that I would be sleeping with another woman after I got married, but that other woman is his exwife, not some stranger. And, sleeping with her is a whole lot more than I would have ever expected. She is gentle and sweet with me and she knows how to hold me, and I like waking up and laying my head on her pillows.

    Sex when the three of us are in bed involves a lot of oral sex with her, I would never on my own have gone down on another woman, but now that I do I like it a lot. we trade off, if I am getting sex then I give her oral, and if she is getting sex she gives me oral. I can last a very long time being filled by him and eating her. I know it sounds gross to spend your sex time with another woman. But once you've kissed with another woman, once you have laid your head on her pillows, once you've held her head on your pillows, once you have kissed with her and exchanged soft words and expressed love with her, then being with another woman doesn't seem odd or gross, it feels right.

    I never thought I would love being kissed by a woman, but I tried it and liked it.

    Do the kids know that we sleep together? That is one my mother's big complaints, that the kids come in and get in bed with us. Well when I was a kid I got in bed with my parents, what is wrong with the kids getting in bed with their mommies. Mommy and Daddy sleep together, what is wrong with Mommy and Mommy sleeping together. Daddy is gone by the time they get up, he has to be at work early. So they can come and snuggle up with their Mommies, and the Mommies get to snuggle up too.

    My mother's concerns are valid for her Dime, but now we are in our time, where Mommies get to be with Mommies. We need Daddy to be involved, we need the daddy as well, but right now it is Mommy time. We are blazing the trail of living together, of Mommy and Mommy and Daddy. Our kids understand, we are convinced that they understand.

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    To each his own! If you enjoy it then why should I object? I loved reading your story and even wished I could join and make it a foursome. No, I have never sucked a cock but that doesn't mean I wouldn't if I was in bed with him and you and you begged me to so your could watch. WOW, what do you think?
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    Thank you for your support #1. You seem to understand that it is HE who silently dictates our sexual behavior overall. I find it hard to believe, with it being a part of a woman's instinctive behavior, that you have never sucked a cock. To that point, our daughters that join us in bed are already showing a natural fascination and gravitation to their dominant father's genitalia. With our bed nearly overflowing, you should be able to find a man willing to instruct you on the pleasures of having his manhood in your mouth. Good luck.
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    Keep on trucking!


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