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    This is not something over the top, it is just a confession of getting involved with a lady

    My wife decided that we should remodel the house. We spent some time with contractor and one of the items that we needed to agree on was the paint. My job was to go to Sherman Williams and come back with samples for us to make a decision.

    The store I went to had one sales woman there. I would find out that she was 34, divorced with two daughters, one aged ten and one aged seven. I would find out that her husband, or should I say ran away husband, abandoned her with her two daughters and went away. At that time she had not found him or heard of him. He had not shown up on any registry so she had not been able to collect any child support. She was living in a two bedroom trailer.

    She had a problem with the washing machine, she didn't have any money to fix it. So I went to her trailer and decided to buy her a new washing machine. My wife went over and bought some clothes for the kids. We were remodeling so we gave her our used, but much better for her, television and some furniture for her living area. My wife showed her where the food pantry was. Getting her to agree to go to the food pantry was another problem. My wife also took her shopping and bought her some clothes, clothes for work so she could get a better job. And clothes for the two girls, for school and so that they didn't feel like life had screwed them.

    She was 34, and once she was dressed up and once she wasn't so beaten down, and once she was a little bit happy, she was a pretty woman, and I just couldn't resist so I fucked her. I fucked her. And at that same time fucked myself.

    I just fucked her. I went over to her place and fucked her, over and over and over again. Until I confessed to my wife.

    My wife called me all sorts of names, she told me that I had to go sleep in the guest room, but I went back to our bed. I told her the truth, I told her that I just could not resist fucking her, if I had her right there in our bed right then I would fuck her. Some times you just have to fuck the woman. So I kept fucking her and my wife kept getting on my case and making me buy them whatever they needed. My wife insisted that we buy a town house and put her up in it, she could pay whatever rent she could afford, but her kids needed to go to a better school.

    Oh all the remodeling got done and I paid for it. And for the new furniture. And I paid for the private investigators to run her husband to ground and I paid for the divorce lawyers to get the s.o.b. out of her life and on child support. I paid and paid, and the two daughters became 'the girls' and their mother became 'the girlfriend' and I paid for everything else that women want.

    Sometimes you just feel alone if she isn't resting in your arms. Sometimes you have to have her there with you, in your arms, in the dead of night, completely inserted in her, holding her, and she is part of you at that moment, she is more than part of you, she is receiving from you the makings of a new life, and she moans in your arms, she knows she is receiving the makings of a new life and she is in total control as to whether there is going to be new life.

    That is when you know you are fucked.

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