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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Usually once a week, but sometimes twice if my wife's doing something, I call over to Cal's, my buddies home to have a few beers and just hang out. Cal hardly ever has just a few beers though and often crashes out on his sofa. When he does myself and Adrian his seventeen year old son, sneak off someplace in their home so I can fuck the shit out of him. He's such a horny little bastard, he never fails to get my cock achingly hard. And I never fail to enjoy his tight ass. Even if Cal is awake and Adrian and I see an opportunity, I'll chance a quick fuck, often dumping my load up his fuckhole, leaving him to clean up. I know I shouldn't be fucking my best friends kid, but he really is such a cute looking horny bitch, I just help sliding my cock between his tight buns.

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    I am a 73 year old (look & act much younger, widower. I'me handsome, masculine with a Baritone voice. No one would ever suspect I am bisexual and have been my entire life. My first year of college I met another guy, much like myself, and we fucked and sucked each other, as well as the ladies. Three years my senior, he left for grad school and I never heard from him for 4 years. My senior year in college I met this freshman who was one of the hottest fucks in my life; a true power bottom. The only man I would have moved in with and come out of the closet. A few months after we met and started a heated sex life I went to his house to meet his older brother, who taught him everything he knew. Yep, it was the guy I hooked with my Freshman year. We managed to arrange several 3 ways, which were extremely erotic. I graduate and went into the military for 4 years and moved back home. I was in an Adult Book store getting my dick sucked through a glory hole and the guy was awesome. So, after I white washed his tonsils I went out to meet him in the hall hoping to make a date and when he came out of the booth - it was the father to the 2 brother I had fucked and sucked (seperatley and together).

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