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    Straight Female / 33

    My husband's new turn on is peeing on me. I'm not into it, but I let him do it. At first it was only in the shower, but now he's getting kinky about it. He likes to do it secretly in public places. Like sneak behind the restroom in a park, have me kneel down, and then he pees on me. Do other men get off on this?

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    I have done it the first time the young girl held her hand in it when I went to piss. My first time with her and I figured she was weird as hell, the second time my no good second wife was soaking in the bath tub and I walked in just to piss all over her. Then one time I went to shit in her face and she started eating it. How fucked up people can be I figure there is no limit. Yeah, I would like to piss on about 90 percent of you girls.
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    They do. Not many, but there are men who loves it. Though, unlike that fucked up idiot #1, most of them do not like to shit on people. Some studies suggest that comparing to gender, there are more much more women who have fetish for shit. With pee, it is more or less equal.

    You should let him pee in you too. It takes time, but you both will love it!
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    Most people (majority) could read post #1 and #2, and understand clearly which is the fucked up idiot. Especially knowing who prefers shit and how to go about playing with piss. I would say #2 has had to much to eat and drink!
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    Yes, it's fun. Keep submitting to your boyfriend.

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