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    Straight Male / 29

    There's a lot to desire with teenage girls. Their bodies are firm and tight in all the right places, they're suggestible, and they are mostly carefree when it comes to fucking older guys.
    But in my experience they're also pretty gross. A lot of them don't pay strict enough attention to personal hygiene. They have smelly pussies and don't wipe their assholes properly.
    I happen to actually quite enjoy this about them. I like a filthy girl and the smell of a girls asshole that hasn't been washed in a day or two is lovely to me. I love spreading a girls legs and being hit in the face by stale pussy. It's almost like a direct challenge, like they're daring me to continue. Which I always do.
    It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I make a mess of a girls pissy or asshole with my semen and they get dressed without showering to go home to their boyfriends or parents. I love the idea of a girl walking around in public with my grotty spunk festering in her panties, mixing in with sweat and discharge. Or the idea that when a girl goes to take her next dump, she'll have to push out some of my seed first.

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    You are right about some, perhaps most, teenage girls ignorant of hygiene. Unfortunately, B.O. wilts my dick.

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