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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    For the third time I found myself in our bedroom closet, secretly watching my wife being the perfect slut for two big cocks. This time it was her boss, Mike, he's about thirty with a real cute wife and a wine salesman Eddie, in the area for a few days from California. His dick is bigger than Mike's thick eight inches by a couple. It actually made me salivate as my wife Kim tongue-worshiped his balls working her tongue up his shaft then his thick head into her mouth, her lips seem to reach for more as he slowly fucked her throat.

    I was already rock hard as Mike mounted Kim from behind and he leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Even with Eddie's cock halfway down her throat she was able to nod at whatever he said. Eddie pulled his cock out of Kim's throat and he laid back on our bed. Kim immediately straddled him and rode him gently, long slow deep penetrations,she came on Eddies big dick and rolled off. She looked right at me in the closet as Mike penetrated her tight bum.

    Kim loves to be ass fucked. She says it started when a friend of her father who was visiting for a weekend got real drunk and confused Kim for her mother, whom apparently Alan been fucking for years. Anyway, she was sixteen and he fucked her ass and pussy repeatedly until he sobered up, and after realizing what he had done Alan never came back. But she was hooked and through college more guys got her ass than pussy. Before she had caught her breath Mike had worked his big dick deep in her ass.

    Kim was bent over ass up with Mike's cock pounding away as Eddied stood there playing with his big cock watching.
    All of a sudden Kim looked over at me again and told me to come into the bedroom. I was mortified. This was a bit of a betrayal because no one other than Kim had seen me dressed as a woman. It was a tremendous turn on for me to feel utterly humiliated as I watched in my 4-inch heels and tight skirt from the closet. Kim had helped me with the wig and makeup. But I never wanted anyone, especially her boss to know.

    It took no coaxing at all for me to kneel in front of Eddie. Kim just had to tell me to. She told me to suck his cock, lick his balls, and tease the big head of his cock with my tongue. And she told me to me not to let him cum in my mouth. Because today I was gonna be fucked in my ass for the first time. I was surprised at the sensation of being fucked in the ass. Now I've had dildos up my ass but never the real thing. OH MY GOD! I completely understand how Kim feels. There is a lot of pressure at first, not really pain, Kim had put a lot of lube in my ass on on Eddies cock. He persisted and when he finally plopped into me and penetrated deep in my bowels and did that repeatedly I almost passed out form rapturous pleasure. He came inside me. Kim says it is a huge turn-on for her to out me as a sissy slut.

    more to come

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