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    Straight Female / 22

    I have been spanked, because I refused to obey. Getting spanked changed me. I didn't disobey again. I do well, I do my chores, I behave now, I don't want to be spanked again. It is not that it hurt, I don't remember it hurting like physical pain, it was upsetting, embarrassing that I needed to be spanked. It hurt my feelings.

    You're not taught to obey your husband, you obey your teachers, the police, your parents, no problem. But for some reason obeying my husband was not something I wanted to do. So I rebelled, and he lost his temper, he lowered my pants and spanked my bottom with a wooden spoon. I know now that I should obey my husband like my father, but no one told me. When you are married you are not dating. Girls should be told this before they get married, a lot of hurt feelings would be avoided, and you don't get into trouble so he has to correct you.

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    Can be a surprising lesson to learn, for sure. You get married and figure youre all grown up so you can do what you want. You learn better when you find yourself getting paddled raw.
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    You need to leave the 17th century. Husbands so NOT have the right to spank their wives - unless you enjoy it for some reason.

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