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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Was in an all-girls' Catholic school for most of my highschool life. I'd had a bit of a crush on an older girl who was perfect- pretty, sweet, all that sugary shit. Initially it horrified me at first but I fantasized about her secretly being very dominant and aggressive, especially towards me. I'd have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom from how wet and horny I got thinking of it, and when I did I'd shove a hand down my panties, close my eyes and let my imagination go wild.

    I imagined her excusing me out of class before shoving me into a stall and pressing up against me, rubbing me through my skirt and whispering unspeakably dirty things in my ear. She'd grope at my breasts through my blouse and kiss at my neck, taunting me on how much I sounded like a dog with all the panting that I was doing. She'd lift my blouse up and push me onto the toilet seat, unhooking my bra and hungrily sucking at my nipples like a baby would for milk while her fingers slid my shorts down and into my panties.

    I'd whine, telling her to stop- but before I can even finish my warning she slides a finger in me and pokes at my clit. I'd yelp in surprise, and she'd stand up and silence me with a long, hard kiss- trailing down until she removes her fingers and buries her face into my pussy, slobbering her tongue all over it, lapping at it and poking again at my clit teasingly. She'd taunt me again and tell me to keep quiet, her hand practically digging into my thigh to keep me from rocking into her tongue all that much. I'd be so far gone I practically bite into my skin through the sleeve of my jacket to keep my screaming muffled, cumming and practically pissing all over her face- but she'd just smile and kiss me again, sweeter this time; before leaving a hickey on my neck that forces me to wear my hoodie despite the heat so no one would see.

    I haven't contacted her in a while now and it honestly embarrasses me to know my supposedly innocent and naive ass would ever come up with such dirty thoughts- but I have to admit, even now I find myself crossing my legs to contain my excitement reminiscing on the old times.

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