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    Just spent two amazing hours having the best sex of my life, as my husband who's becoming a right fuckin footballing dickhead, rather than fucking me, a very highly sexed scouse honey. He attended and watched his football team, LIverpool getting beaten by United. He's in Manchester right now probably drowning his sorrows, whilst I was earlier having two of his so called mates stuff my pussy and arsehole with their massive cocks. To top it all they're both Evertonians, and were making me whistle the theme from Z cars as they fucked me. I wasn't complaining one bit, as they both had me orgasming with their enormous cocks. From now on each time he goes to the match, I'm going to support Everton in my own special way.

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    Go Girl Go!
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    What a big pile of steamy bullshit! Your husband having a Liverpool as his favourite football team, and he is suppose to have friends who have Everton as their favourite football team.

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    #2 You obviously know fuckall about Liverpool. Everyone is either Red or blue. So everyone has Liverpool or Everton as friends and family. I fuck a Liverpool fan most days as an Evertonian, that's because she's my wife, you knobhead.
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    Liverpool and Everton both suck.

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