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    Straight Male / 32

    I didn't know if I should post this in the "Anything Goes" or in the "Embarrassing Moments" section so I decided to post it here since it is more "Anything Goes".

    I get contacted by the police a week ago. They ask if I was ever a member of this one gym, I won't mention the name of the gym, but I told them I was a current member. They mentioned there have been some complaints and they began asking me some questions. One question I was asked was if I ever voluntarily posted nude pictures or video of myself online. I have gone nude on cam to a few adult websites but never showed my face and didn't tell the police this. They then tell me someone had put hidden cameras in the change rooms and showers at the gym and pictures and video have been posted to some adult websites. They told me they know I didn't put the hidden cameras in the gym and I was just a victim. They gave me a list of sites they have found to contain some of these pictures and video and told me that I should request they remove any images of me. They said the removal request can only be submitted by me but they can assist if the websites refuse to. The police said they had other gym members to contact so they couldn't stay long and had to go.

    The list had close to 50 websites on it and after the police left I quickly got on my computer to check. I began to see people, both men and women, I recognized from the gym showering and changing naked including myself. I then began to think with the police contacting other gym members that a lot of us gym members will now be seeing each other naked. In particular, the opposite sexes will now be seeing each other naked. Seeing myself naked out there and thinking how many people have or will see me was very embarrassing but at the same time a little arousing. I downloaded every picture and video I saw of someone I recognized figuring that they may be doing the same with my pictures and videos. I was thinking everyone's future workout sessions would be interesting since you may give or get longer that usual looks from people who you have seen or have seen you naked.

    I went through the websites and noted which ones had nude images of me. There were 22 of them. I am still embarrassed with nude images of me on the websites but also very aroused by the thought of being seen nude. Some of the websites allowed people to comment on the images and the comments made to my images were very positive which was the possible cause of my increased arousal. It is not in my nature to expose myself fully, face and all, whether it be sexual or not. Having pictures and video of me naked out there has caused a change in me. I waited 4 days before I contacted the 22 websites to have my pictures and videos removed just so they would be out there longer. I guess my fear was always what people would think of me if I ever posted nudes of myself but now I have the excuse that it was someone else who did it. Most of the sites have replied that they will remove them but it could take up to a week to do so. So far only 2 sites have actually removed them and now I don't really care how long they take.

    I did one thing recently. I went back to one adult site and went on cam fully exposed including my face showing. It was very arousing and for the first time I did something very sexual. I masturbated with 300 people watching and gave them a show I never thought I would ever give. I regret doing it now because a video of it has been saved on the site and another 400 people have watched it. Since I agreed to terms that allows the site to record my shows they won't remove it immediately. They agreed to reassess their stand after a month which basically was them telling me if no one accesses my video after a month they will remove it.

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