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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    They say you shouldn't look through key might not like what you see...
    I live in an old bungalow with an attic room in the roof...three floors above the ground. There is a small window which is very dirty and has cobwebs around it. The view from the window is across my boundary wall and into the "private"...not... garden of my neighbor. There is a small shelf by the window and on it I have high powered binoculars. I have cleaned a very small area of the glass through which I have a perfect line of site to my neighbors pool and terrace. He is a bit under 40, quite stunning to look at and has a great body...**mplete with a superb penis.
    When my wife is away which is often I venture up to the attic, strip into the nude and watch and wait, and hope. We have lived in the house for 6 years and during that time I have seen some of the hottest live sex imaginable. The temptation to cross the line and become sexually involved with my bi neighbor has been huge but I so get off watching him and his sexual partners...both men and women...that I have resisted.
    I am married, with three early 20's aged children...twin girls and a 20 year old son, all of whom are living away from home most of the year. I am 45, very gym fit and enjoy sex with men when I travel. Sex with my wife is fine, about twice a week or so, and she does enjoy anal sex which suits me fine...
    My son is very good looking, very well toned has had a string of girlfriends.
    You can imagine then my utter shock last weekend when I saw him walk out onto the neighbors terrace in the nude. I didn't even know he was in town. He stood in the sun looking at the pool and then my neighbor...Kirk, BTW, was behind him, also nude, and started to kiss his neck. I watched as my sons penis became erect and felt my own do the same. I was shaking. My son leaned forward and arched his back. He grimaced as Kirk entered him, holding his hips and pulling him close as he started to fuck him slowly. I was stunned...but intensely aroused.
    I stroked my erection and watched as Kirk gathered momentum and the sex became more intense. In time...I had lost track...Kirk tossed his head back and ejaculated, still deep inside my son. I too ejaculated, and sprayed cum over the wall that has been the landing strip for many big loads.
    Kirk pulled out and, thank God, pulled a condom off his beautiful penis. They then stood kissing for a while and went back inside the house. I was left in total mental chaos, with a limp dripping penis having watched Kirk devour my son.
    I went down and showered and got dressed into little bikini briefs, shorts and a tee...the usual weekend attire for me.
    I hung around the house and wondered if Kit, my son, would appear. He did, a good two hours later. We hugged and I said what a surprise to see him and stuff and got him a coffee. I was looking at my son, now, in a totally different light. I had watched him have intense sex with my male neighbor. What scared me was that I wanted penis swelled in my briefs and shorts...I was looking at a beautiful young man I had raised and nurtured, wanting to make love to him.
    My wife returned and Kit had a bite to eat then headed out to meet some "friends". My wife went to the bathroom and I quickly went to the attic. Kit and Kirk were nude on the terrace, candles lit. Kit was lying across the settee with his head in Kirks lap while Kirk stroked his hair and massaged his chest, playing with his nipples. Hi semi erect penis lay across his upper thigh. I ejaculated within 5 minutes of starting to stroke my very hard penis.
    God knows where this will lead.

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    Sounds like you have a very hot neighbour.
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    Seriously I said I have been very tempted to approach him but watching him engaging has been such a turn on...maybe I can approach without disclosing my vantage point...and now I know he and Kit have a relationship not really sure I should go there
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    Married, 75-year old white man here: I love sucking cock. I do not think I could rest much until I sucked both guy's cocks. Several times. I would not disclose my secret viewing area, but I would want some serious cock sucking time with my neighbor.
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    I saw my neighbor with his boyfriend too. I was a young kid and and had never seen anyone sucking a cock before. It made me excited for some reason, I really don't know why because I was pretty young, too young for an orgasm.

    He started taking me to the swimming pool and would fondle me on the bus and in the pool. He propositioned me to suck him and was really surprised when I said okay. Before long he was fucking me too. I was ten when Mom caught us with me on my tummy with him all in my ass. He was forbidden to spend any time with any younger boys in the neighborhood.

    When I was twelve he asked me if I wanted to see a movie with him. To my surprise my mom said okay but cautioned us to behave ourselves. He had his hand in my shorts fondling me through my underpants for a little bit and then in them, all this before the previews were over. I took his penis out and went down on him right there, under his jacket for modesty. He quickie fucked me on the way home twice, once before the bus and the second time after in the alley behind our houses.

    We moved and when I turned fifteen I learned that he was working as a pastry chef at a nearby hotel. I just had to visit him. When he got off even though he was married he took me to bed, his cock was like way bigger too. I was surprised at how forward I was for being so shy about my body at the time. I had a gorgeously smooth tight well shaped ass and guys were always checking it out and trying to get in my tighty-whitie underpants. It kinda made me self conscious, slightly built, smooth skin with a perfect ass. I really didn't know what I had at the time till he was back in my life.
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    #4 - Mr "Tighty-Whitie": bullshit.

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