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    Last summer my wife and I were up at her parents house. They have a country house and it is quite lovely. They have a swimming pool and my father-in-law suggests we go for a swim. I told him I didn't bring swim trunks and he said I didn't need to wear any. I didn't know what he meant at first until he added that no one else was around and we are all family. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of my in-laws and didn't know how my wife would feel with me being naked in front them especially her mother. My wife then adds for me to just swim naked. I look to her mother to see her reaction to this comment and she comes out and says basically what her husband did in that it is just us there and we are all family now. I felt pressured from the three of them to do it, and even though I didn't feel comfortable doing it, I stripped out of all my clothes.

    There I was the only one naked with my in-laws seeing me this way for the first time ever. I had been naked on nude beaches before but the fact it was my in-laws seeing me naked made it very uncomfortable. Me (naked) and my father-in-law (in swim trunks) went for a swim but the ladies didn't. As time went on I became more comfortable and it wasn't such a big deal. It was almost 4 hours of me being naked when my father-in-law made a realization. He said he just realized that he could have loaned me one of his swim trunks. I didn't know what to say or if anything I said would have said would have mattered now. I was a little upset with having myself exposed like this when this option was available. Technically it was my own fault because ultimately I was the one who undressed myself. I just accepted they have seen me naked and nothing could be done.

    On future visits things were a little less stressful and it just became the norm that I swam naked. I figured they can't unsee what they had seen so I figured why even bother being dressed.

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    What a BORING F'ing story!
    Your such a f'ing iddiot!
    Why would'nt you a least demanded other people go nude too.
    Obvisouly it would have made for a more intresting time. Think man!

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