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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    Were I grew up when I was a kid I hung out with a girl that was a couple of years older than me. I was either 11 or 12 years old when she had told me she had found a porn magazine. We looked at it together and the magazine only had women in it which was very interesting for me to see. I remember the women showing themselves off entirely. At my age I had never really seen women naked before and seeing them posing the way they were was a very eye opening and new experience for me. After we looked at the magazine my female friend was disappointed there were no naked men in the magazine. We had never seen each other naked before and see her disappointment I asked if she wanted to see me naked. She was shocked by my question but was quick to say she would if I was willing to but she wasn't going to get naked with me. I didn't mind that she wouldn't and told her she didn't have to. I took all my clothes off and let her see all of me. I asked how she wanted me to pose and she told me. I did everything she asked. She asked about touching and I let her. I even got an erection when she asked. She seemed to center her attention on my penis and didn't mind her seeing it. Half hour later I got dressed and that was it.

    For the next few weeks we would regularly look at the porn magazine together and I would get naked for her afterwards. It was fun getting the attention from her and I liked how excited she was seeing me naked. I never saw her naked and eventually she stopped asking about seeing me and she started hanging out with other friends. There was one last time where I did get naked for her. It was about month or so after she started hanging out with her new friends who were 3 girls her age. I got naked for her and her 3 friends and really enjoyed how the girls reacted to seeing me naked. I was willing to do whatever they wanted and did. They did touch me and I didn't mind. At the time I didn't feel anything I did was sexual but looking back maybe some poses and the touching were. I never did cum but did stroke my penis for them when they wanted it erect.

    I guess I was young, naïve and figured it was just friends having fun and I was doing nothing wrong and still think I did nothing wrong and it was just friends having fun. I now have a feeling the girls, who were 15-16 years old, knew exactly what they were doing by having me do the things they did.

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