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    Lesbian Female / 24

    I am a grad student at a large state university. My lab partner, and fellow grad student, is more open with me talking about sex. She has pulled her shirt open and asked me if I like her nipples.

    She told me that what she wanted to do is lay on her stomach in the dark, have me open her legs by holding her ankles, gently massage her feet, her calves, her thighs and her butt. During the massage of her butt to reach under her and find her clit and stimulate her into an orgasm. I can't tell you the number of times she gets behind me and cups my breasts and kisses me. She knows that I can't resist her holding me like that.

    Yesterday we had to go into the lab, it was just the two of us, she lifted her dress up to show me that she didn't have underwear on. She said she wanted confirmation, to go home with her when we were finished and consumate what we both want. When we got to her apartment unit, she blindfolded me with a night mask and had me hold her hand to walk me in. When we were inside she got totally undressed and then took my mask off. She said she was offering herself to me.

    First of all I have very little experience, and I don't deny that I am attracted to her and what she what she says and does makes me feel horny for her. But I am also a lot more reserved, getting naked and offering myself like that would never cross my mind. We did do the massage thing, which made me want to be with her and I massaged her butt with my breasts (this is a first for me). I also performed oral sex on her which is a first for me. I spent the night.

    I am writing this because it was my first overnight with a woman. My first time getting in bed to have sex, up to now I have kissed with her and she has cupped my breasts. I am truthful in that I am attracted to her, this is not a mystery to me or to her. Of the things we did that I really liked was laying on my back while she touched me all over, and she kissed me with small kisses. She is definitely more aggressive and she initiates everything.

    I have had fantasies since I was going through puberty, mostly about being abducted. In my fantasies I always get r**ed. So why in real life have I always been attracted to other girls and women? This is not my first falling in love experience, but it is the first going to bed experience.

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