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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Two years ago, myself and a friend of mine (His idea) visited Brighton for a specific reason. We'd arranged/organised for at least nine men to visit us both in a hotel room, so they could fuck either or both of us.
    Basically we would book a room, let everyone know which room number it was and prepare ourselves. Lube and condoms were all provided, as were wipes and some cheap towels we'd bought.
    My friend looked his age, nineteen, but I definitely only looked to be around my early teens with my boyish looks and body. I'm slim, still almost hairless, and I've still only got a tiny penis.
    In all eleven men turned up throughout the evening and early night time. And I received the most attention having seven of the men fuck my arsehole, after first sucking on their various sized cocks. It was a suck, fuck and go session, so none of the men were in the room more than twenty minutes total. Most of them wanted to remain anonymous, and some covered their faces with the scarfs we laid out for them near the door. But to a man they all pretty much forgot to hide their wedding bands, or the obvious mark their wedding rings left.
    We didn't care as we had a fantastic time getting fucked, with my friend taking the largest of the men's cocks. Which must have been ten inches in length, if not more. By the time we took a shower, my arsehole was well and truly fucked, yet it didn't stop my friend from fucking in the shower as our hotel door was knocked upon.
    We didn't answer and were glad in a way we didn't. As we later learned it was group of pissed up guys who'd seen our invite on the internet and decided to have some fun. Instead we settled down to spending the rest of the night reliving what had took place, and then giving one another a long slow blow job whilst in a sixty nine.
    In five weeks from now, I'm going back to Brighton on my own. But to a much more salubrious hotel which caters for wealthy clients. I've already had interest from eight men and surprisingly a transsexual. I know I still look very young for my age, so I've played on it and have asked to be paid for my services, which to a person they've agreed. I'll be doing the same as before, only I've allotted time slots for the men, starting at six pm. The earliest time slots I've set a premium for as my arsehole will be really tight then. Yet even so, most of the men want to fuck me after I've had sex a few times already. Two of the men have even asked me if they can fuck me bareback, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. But I'll see on the night.

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    Me and my best friend talked our parents into letting us spend our Easter vacation in San Francisco when I was fifteen and he was sixteen. They had no idea that that week was spent satisfying any and all mancock pointed in our direction. I knew I had one fine little ass, and still do, but had no idea so many guys found it so attractively hot. It kinda went to my head and Iended up being way to promiscuous for such a young teenage boy. I wasn't used to so much attention and couldn't say no for some reason. The first night I had the Waiter who showed me how to crack a crabs shell balls deep in my pert tight little cheeks.
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    "Two of the men have even asked me if they can fuck me bareback, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. But I'll see on the night." No, it's not a good idea, especially in Brighton.

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