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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    My cousin and I were about 12 years old and sleeping over at one of the grown-ups house one weekend. We shared a pull out sofa bed together on this particular night. As a kid I sort of resented her on one level because she got a lot of attention for her beauty. Every time she entered a beauty competition she would win. There were always trophies and pictures of her wearing crowns everywhere in her house. She was as beautiful as a 12 year old girl could possibly be. And I think it's because of all the attention she got that I didn't treat her all that good. I wasn't mean to her, but I was always quick and sarcastic with her. She could dish it out too. There was always this “I'm better than you” vibe between us and we were constantly trying to one-up the other whether it was in board games,playing cards or any area of life really. I would never tell her that she was beautiful, even though she was a knock-out.

    I woke up about 6:30am and the blankets were half down. The sun was coming in through the window and it was as if the sunlight was aimed purposefully at her prone sleeping body. I swear it felt like I was looking at sleeping beauty. I just stared at her for a minute looking at every inch of her body. She was perfect. She was wearing a white pyjama top and super tight white floral print pyjama bottoms. She was facing the window and I kept staring at her perfect ass. It felt like I was in a trance or something, and before I knew it I was sliding down the sofa bed until my face was literally inches from her ass. I couldn't help it. I just started kissing her perfect ass. I remember at one point being scared of waking her up. The last thing in the world I wanted was for her to realize that I was actually kissing her ass, which would have been the ultimate humiliation for me in our relationship. After about 5 minutes of passionately kissing her ass the concern of waking her up was pretty much gone. The only time I stopped kissing her ass was when she decided to stretch, then put both of her arms under her pillow and rolled over on her belly more, giving me more of her ass to kiss. Which I did without hesitation. After about 10 minutes I pulled back her pajama bottoms and could see she was wearing pink panties. I pulled her panties back just enough to see the perfect crack of her ass. I started to try and pull down her bottoms to kiss her bare ass, but she pulled away and wouldn't let me. I went back to kissing her pajama-clad ass for another few minutes until I heard the grown ups start to stir and make breakfast in the other room.

    We got out of the sofa bed together without looking at each other. Then, as she was getting ready to go down the hallway towards the kitchen she glanced back at me over her left shoulder. My heart was racing out of my chest.

    Was she awake? Does she know I kissed her ass? How could she not? Why didn't I stop? Will she tell?

    She totally buried me with the most arrogant “I'm a Queen and you're beneath me” kinda stare, she then gave me a crooked snarky half smile and chuckled under her breath once or twice before heading down the hall.

    That was it. She knew. And I was beneath her and just kissed her ass.

    We never ever spoke about it.

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