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    Straight Male / 35

    This is a question about something that happened and I need some advice or answers.

    I go for full body waxes which includes a Brazilian. I went to one place and the waxer would always tell me to get undressed, lay face up and put the towel over my privates. The only time my privates would get exposed is when she needed to wax that area. This place closed down and I had to find another place to get waxed at.

    The woman at the new place told me to get undressed. I asked how she wanted me. She told me we would start with the front so to lay face up. I asked if I needed to cover myself with the towel. She said it was up to me so that day I left it off. She waxed with me fully exposed to her the whole time. Nothing sexual happened as I didn't expect it to.

    A couple of months go by and I go back to the same place and have the same woman waxing me. I ask how she wants me and once again she says face up. This time I decided to use the towel and covered my privates. She now is ready to begin waxing me. The first thing she does is removes the towel I used to cover my privates and puts it off to the side. I was expecting her to start with the Brazilian part of my wax since she removed the towel covering my privates but instead she starts waxing my upper chest. She then does my arms and other areas like even my back but not my Brazilian yet. I am laying there with my cock fully exposed to her the whole time. She finally does my Brazilian and it is the last thing she does.

    My question is why did she remove the towel covering my privates right at the beginning of the service but not do anything in that area until the very end? Was she just wanting to see my cock throughout my whole time with her? Did she take my towel off because she was planning to start with my Brazilian and changed her mind and just forgot to put it back the way she found it? Was she hinting that she was willing or wanting to do more with me? Maybe it is no big deal to her and I am just reading too much into it.

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