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    Straight Male / 22

    okay this is my confession I'm a 22 year old male living in the North of England, last year around November I started a beginner salsa course. Many of people who attended are actual partners but does have an minority of single people mainly females, I was paired up with one girl for a couple of weeks then she decided It was not for her and quit.

    I found a new partner 2 months ago to a girl who Is 27, her dance partner was not her (Fiancé, I found out she was engaged later) he was a guy who was involved In a car accident and was no longer able to attend. Well this girl at didn't put much into her appearance for class but was an good dancer she's been doing it for 5 years.

    Last week at salsa class It was an event party fund raiser fancy dress the theme was clergy, nuns and bunny girls.
    She came as a bunny girl and looked amazing her black hair was down and curled, purple eye liner and mascara, her outfit was one of the most daring I've see there a strapless playboy bunny with no tights or fishnets(amazing natural legs on display)and could she the side of her but alittle from behind and black strap heels she is 5'7 but easy another 4 inches from them.

    so the question is she is engaged, looks hot when she dresses up how do I get to sleep with her.

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