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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    i was raised by my moms sister aunt carla from age 7 to18 i was turned out to sex by spyng on carla fuck as many as 15 men a day mostly weekends uncle eddy drove logging rig he cum home sun leave tuesday they have a 11 daughter who i shared a room the attic made into a big room her queen bed abathroom tub/shower that is open cuz had a womans body teenage tits big lonfg dark nipples a very hairy pussy and buttcrack like our twin moms she gots meaty thighs a big bubble round kim kardash ass im a boy and i too got a big round wobbly ass long deep crack men try daily to fuck my cuz and one guy waiting his turn for aunty he sat me on his lap i moved when his big dick press into my butthole going in me head only it went in slow and stung at first as his flo of precum coated my hole i relax sashi lowered me on his big fat boner when cuz linda entered and saw his hairy balls and shaft dissappering lower i slid she threw a shit fit and he pulled it out my buttm making me gasp shedrugme up to our room she stole carlas huge strap on dildoe ang fuckedme in thebutt soon i was pushing back cheeks smacking her meaty woman child legs cuz started keeping eye on me and cought many carlas black lovers with theys bbc in my mouth just filling me wit jizz or just begening to fuk my mouth. it was when loinda went to gramas farm for 3 weeks that i skeek out to barn and be assfuckt by all the bbc that fuckt carla i started sucking and assfuclkking n****rs at age 7 i looked older cuz my big bubble ass and long blonde hair my best life i wouldnt change those times i learned so much and swallowed gallons of n****r spererm i love still being NIGGER CUM DUMP CHAO PUTOS.

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    did anyone else have trouble following the story
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    You say your aunt raised you, but you never said why she raised you to be illiterate. You tried to tell a story, but you can't do it very well if you can't even put a single sentence together. Maybe you should have said that your aunt raised an idiot.
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    Learning the English language might be a good consideration for you.
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    Jeez, what a dumbass.

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