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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Gay stories or my family, this applies to both.
    The first time there was any sexual interaction between us, I was fourteen and he was sixteen, very nearly seventeen. He'd not long gotten out of the shower and I was about to get in when he saw I had an erection. He asked me why I was turned on, and at first I wouldn't say. He persisted, so I eventually admitted watching him wash his cock had made mine become hard. His smile and his lustful look, plus his comment "I'll get back in if you like" all made for my penis to become even more achingly hard. It also had me saying "Okay".
    Our parents were out and we had the house to ourselves, so we knew there wasn't any pressure on us to hide our intentions. As soon as we stepped into the shower together, Tommy held my cock and put my right hand onto his growing penis. We stood slowly stroking one another's cocks for some time, before Tommy pushed me down so my face was level with his then fully erect manhood. His cock was a similar length to mine, but it was so much thicker.
    Not being asked to, or never having had sex before, I instinctively opened my mouth and allowed my older brother to slide his cock over my tongue. It felt hard and soft all at the same time, and I marveled at myself for being to take nearly all of it down my throat.
    Tommy began to fuck me mouth holding my head tightly. As far as I was concerned, it was just two young guys enjoying one another's bodies. I didn't even see it as gay sex, only sex. After what might have been five minutes or so, he began to buck harder and his cock pulsed so much more in my mouth, Then without telling me, he came in my mouth, holding me fast making me gulp down his sticky hot cum. It tasted awesome to me and I couldn't honestly suck it out of his cock fast enough.
    Tommy shook a few more times, then released my head. Getting me to stand up, he then sank down and took my cock into his mouth. It was all I could do not to cum straight away, but even so within only a few sucks on my dick, I did cum and watched Tommy spit it all out.
    We stayed in the shower washing each other, then Tommy's hands roamed around to my asshole and he inserted a finger. It felt weird, yet not too uncomfortable. And it began to feel amazing the more his finger slipped in and out of my rear. Putting his head next to mine, he kissed my neck and told me "Next time I'd like to put my cock in there, is that okay". I nodded to my brother, my hero and the one person in my life I'd do anything for.
    We didn't get time alone for over a week, but in the meantime every chance we had, I found myself with his gorgeous cock in my mouth. I sucked him off lots of times, growing with more confidence with each sexual encounter. Sucking in every inch of his cock as if my life depended on it, and Tommy gained more confidence in my ability to pleasure him.
    Then on the following Sunday with our parents driving out to a DIY center, Tommy and I took another shower. Only once his cock was hard in my mouth, he used my moms hair conditioner to smother over my asshole and got himself behind me. Telling me to relax, he first slid in a finger, then two, fucking me the whole time until I was backing onto his digits. Getting right up close, he put his mouth to my ear and said "I'm going to fuck you now". As he aid it, he thrust forwards and my asshole became impaled on his thick seven inch cock.
    We stayed still for well over a couple of minutes as my asshole got used to his size, then Tommy moved in and out a little, getting deeper with each thrust. His cock hurt somewhat up my ass, yet I wanted him to enjoy me, plus it had begun to feel sort of nice.
    Like a cork popping out of a wine bottle, my asshole let go. His cock slid in much easier and I felt his pubes on my butt cheeks. My brother was fully inside of my asshole and his cock head was in my bowels. And that young fourteen year old couldn't have been happier.
    Leaning forwards a little after Tommy asked me to, I felt him fucking me harder and harder with every shove into my body. It became a kind of knack to get in rhythm with his thrusts, but I managed it and we were soon fucking one another with just as much gusto. I cannot really describe what I felt throughout my body, other than it was like small climaxes everywhere all at once. The more he fucked me, those feelings grew and by the time his cock was pounding my asshole, I was begging him to give it to me harder.
    It wasn't announced at all. There was a build up, yet when my cock exploded, it did so with a force and eruption I'd never experienced before wanking on my own. At the same time Tommy cried out and I felt his cum rushing up my ass, and filling my insides.
    It was such a seminal sexual experience, I still remember it today as though it was only hours ago. With us both panting under the shower water, Tommy spun me around and kissed me hard on the mouth. It took me by surprise, yet I found myself responding to my brother's loving and passionate kiss.
    Tommy's birthday was the following day, mine was two days later. Our birthday celebrations were taken together like never before. Yes we had a party and yes all of family and friends took part. Yet it was when we were alone in Tommy's bedroom a few days later, we gave each other our presents to each other. And those were our bodies, sexual and loving. Tommy fucked me on his bed, then we both exchanged blow jobs. He finished by fucking me again, as I rode him for the very first time, then spun me around to fuck me missionary. As he slowly fucked me so deep, he leaned down and we kissed for such a long long time. I took his second load of the afternoon as we continued to kiss.
    Each and every time we could from then on over the following years, myself and Tommy had sex. It has never once grown old and stale between us. It's always exciting and it's always extremely sexual, sometimes brutally sexual between us.
    These days we're both involved sexually and emotionally with females. Even so when we get together which is usually around once or twice a week, depending on our work patterns and life events, I take my brothers awesome cock up my asshole and delight in just how much love we have between us.
    If we ever stop having sex, which I personally hope we never do. Then I think my gay sexual indulgences will stop too. I don't and cannot perceive myself sexually with another guy, but then I've never had another man fuck me. Even though recently I have sucked off another guy in work a couple of times.
    Tommy is such a large part of my life. I love him to bits and hope we're still fucking one another, well into our old age.

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    I was a pretty cute kid growing up and was no stranger to experiencing attention from other boys. It was fun kid stuff and ya, sometimes I sucked and even got fucked. To say the least it was exciting for me to submit to other boys at the time.

    Fast forward, I'm married and in my thirties, I guess just as cute in many of the same ways, the difference is my lover's aren't pesky teens taking advantage of my preteen prettyboy pouty lip's and perky fresh little butt. They're older guys that look at my thirty three year old looks the same as those boys did in my youth. I couldn't say know to the first big cock that I gagged on and ravished my inexperienced manpussy, it was like I was virgin all over again. My wife has no idea about my lover's, more then I can handle too. It's better than my younger years!

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