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    In the four years I've been going over to his home, I've never once had to touch my own cock to have it exploding all over the place. He fucks me with such power and force, he's never failed once to have my orgasms ripping through me with such awesome ferocity. Occasionally he'll invite Zack over to indulge, and he's even more of an animal when it comes to fucking my asshole. He's so big though, it often takes days for my asshole to settle down, and my uncle doesn't like to have me out of action for too long. Not when he's such a highly sexed man with a frigid wife. I'm happy she's as she is, because it means my uncle can fuck me as often as we get his house to ourselves.

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    I had a older boy fucking me from a young preteen age and was used to being bottomed. It felt natural for me, being extremely cute, smooth and forever fresh looking in a shy submissive way. By the time I entered my teens I was well liked and had a lot of boy/boy encounters that were pleasant.
    I was now thirteen, cuter than ever in a fresh faced preppie way. I think it's kinda how my mom buy's me clothes. My friend Nicky's sixteen and has been fucking me since I was twelve (2-years) and when his uncle kinda caught us he asked me if I'd have oral sex with him because I was so cute looking. He said I"You don't have to if you don't want to, but it would be so cool, please?" I said "okay, I guess so" since he was being so cool about it I kinda wanted to, my first man too.

    He was way bigger than Nickie's and Nickie had been my biggest so far. So naturally when he and I both giggled because I couldn't swallow fast enough it got all over me he said he wanted to get in my pants. I nodded and he removed my underpants quickly really gave me a good fucking. I lost my boner cause it hurt when he pushed in, but got it back in a little while and I came into his pillow twice that he put underneath me. Now Nickie and his uncle are both taking me to bed, it's definitely cool!!!
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    Oooh that's so hot both you I been reading these blogs for a while I have so much I can share as l been with sooo many men and trans never been with a woman except a stud lesbian friend she was chubby with fat ass light skin dreads I didn't fuck her pussy I got head and fuck her bootyhole and she fucked me with a strap on I just like dick and ass I'm 6'1 190 fat ass juicy lips an 11 inch dick black light skin nice juicy lips I stay smooth shaven I am total vers I started out as a top I grew up in a foster home in key West I first bottomed in high school I played quarterback and use to fuck my center and an Italian dude who was my tight end and boy he had a tight end yasss my Puerto Rican running back was my first boyfriend I used to fuck him kiss him he loved my booty he was the second to lick my bootyhole my foster parent p****d me out n I sucked dick n a Haitian man licked my bootyhole and humped my cheeks I was fat and had titties until I took steroids in 8th grade and got in shape I had Puerto Rican client I liked he used to kiss me suck my titties he would grind on my booty so I didn't mind my baby Orlando eating my booty one day he asked if he can grind on my booty I said do that shit baby boy my ass was wet from him eating the FUCK out my big ass he loved eating ass while he was grinding he was saying I had the best looking booty he ever seen I told him stick that dick in my asshole we only fucked each other and so we barebacked he had 9 inches and fat he got up got the lube kissed me finger my ass and eased in it didn't hurt he started slow then I told him fuck the shit out my big fat ass baby he kissed me hard I licked his tongue lips and said sexy mothafucka oooh he fucked the shit out me I said this your pussy baby he said yeah I said fuck yeah daddy he smacked my booty I was screaming like a bitch and I hollered ahhh yeah fuck that pussy good ooh then I turned over on my back kissed him he fucked me missionary style for three hours we were kissing and it was so good I was crying we were so in love then we rested I layed on his chest like a little bitch and said oooh baby u should have took this pussy long time ago he said I hope you not turning bottom I said oh no you know I love fuckin that sexy ass baby we lost touch after I went to jail and jumped bail and went to Atlanta got caught and sent to a boy's home I fucked my roommate sal he was a pale Italian with juicy pink lips and a sweet Italian ass he had a fat dick not long but not small he was vers bottom he would eat my ass and hump it I used to fuck the shit out of him he left the boys home before me but his mom was a foster parent so I lived with them later before I left one of the staff a black guy bald cute had a sweet ass and big dick while he was working over night he would let me walk around use the computer etc one day I peeked in his phone and he had pics of him fuckin getting fucked in night gowns sucking dick I knew he was gay I used to tease him to get a reaction one day me and him were doing work around his house it was hot we both had on short shorts I had a thong on I took my tank top off and girated sexually pulling my shorts down slightly he looked away and giggled he was hard he had a 10 inch and a fat ass one day I left the boys home and stayed with him for a week I came in stripped by that point I just turned 18 and still in highschool but was kicked out for having sex with a guy in my gym class that's another story but by this point although I never claimed to be straight I wore yoga pants boy shorts sometime mini skirt skinny jeans I owned no boxers just g strings and pink panties I stripped in front of kelvin he was trying to not look but I said you know you want this he said you bout to bring the freak out me I said I see the way you look at me you brought the freak out me he asked what you into I said I like it all I love to kiss he said me too I said yeah and kissed him hard he fucked me like a beast I would still visit him when I lived with sal sal became a full fledged crossdresser we were lovers his mom had a black boyfriend big ass 14 inch dick he used to slap my booty one night sal was out his mom was fuckin this younger black guy cross the street her boyfriend didn't care I seen him fuckin a tall white cowboy type with a fat ass and 12 inch dick he lived next door he was single and openly gay he fucked my stepdad I used to call him daddy so sexy one day he was on the bed fuck in himself with Sal's mom dildo they argued cuz she found shit on her dildo called him a faggot he stayed cuz he paid the bills but he had his own room downstairs and she was barely home and on crack I walked in and sucked his dick and he fucked me he thought he was hurting me I told him I can take any dick my bootyhole open up like a pussy and I'm still tight I fucked him too though I was fuckin the white guy before I knew Mandingo papi was gay I took that 12 inch white dick it got my pussy ready for daddy dick I'm a gay ass thot Im clean on heavy prep I like getting fucked fucking must have a fat ass to get fucked by me and must have a big dick to fuck me I love to dress up I live in key West again last night I was at the bar and this hatian was feeling my ass up honey oooh he followed me to the bathroom he said I'll do anything for that ass I saw his ass he was a total top but he wanted to fuck me so bad he let me fuck him I told him you can fuck me in the bathroom a guy came in to pre I let him pee on me and I sucked his dick my hatian lover wanted some head and I let the other guy fuck me and I fucked him he was a total top too but he was sucking my dick other guys were watching and fucking each other I left the bar with my skirt on the bathroom floor in my hatian lovers button up his pants were off his muscled sexy ass I just fucked him this morning after spending all night getting fucked the dread head light skinned dude left with us and I got in my night gown I have natural long hair going down to my ass been growing it for 20 years and I'm pretty without makeup they ran a train on me he fucked the dread head while he fucked me I was his first and only the dread head got beat up and ran off by Gracie he got to possessive I had a bunch of boyfriends and I fall too fast but fuck it I just get some dick but I'm loving my new man he got a Puerto Rican boyfriend already but I sent him my pics and he here too they moving in I have a house with one bedroom no need for others sleep here you fuckin my booty

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